Hi everyone!

I am looking for trail suggestions in Jasper this upcoming weekend. Beginner/Low intermediate level.

Thank you in advance!

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Even though this is the same trip Sean went on, and wrote a flattering blog post about, I thought I would post my own blog entry.

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Went for an overnighter with Doug and his daughter. Good times were had. 
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Back in '02, before fatbikes were a thing, the ITI rose up out of the ashes of Iditasport. It seems hard for me to believe that 15 years have passed since then.
I finally got around to scanning photos and putting this on-line this week.
There are a couple of early fatbikes in this story, including Ray Molino himself riding what was probably the first real fatbike. I think it's cute the way I refer to them as sand bikes in what I wrote back then.

Has anyone been up on the High Rockies Trail near Canmore? Any idea if it has snow?

Is there snow anywhere in the Calgary/Banff/Kananaskis area?

This post was more than a little confusing to me to write, I am familiar enough with packing for the backcountry that I don't put much thought into what I take and I don't know what others know or don't. This still may be useful to some of y'all.

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Has anyone ever done part or all of this 150km "Boreal Trail" system up near Cold Lake before? I am eyeing it for potential bikepacking trip in late April, looks like it could be a lot of fun.


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Hey Friends,

WInter fatbiking is almost over and now it's time to start thinking about summer fatbike adventures.

Like this! Anyone checked this out? #railtrail

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Gold Digger was good with some ice but part way down Pipe Dream I ran into mud.  Had enough mud for the week so retraced my tracks.....

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Moraine Lake / Louise few weekends ago <3 
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