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I was posting this in the transgendered groups but "LGBT and hopeless" Maybe this could also reach someone here who is in need ...Anyways...What I have been saying is ... "Hey I hope this to be taken the right way, often times things aren't.
Maybe we disagree on some things but I want to post this here in hopes that it can give hope for transgendered people struggling in hard times. The whole world is so messed up, there are even things I find upsetting in the transgendered community at times, but I post this in hopes that it can reach some trans people who are going through hard times, even if the world is screwed up, even if we are, our selves confused sometimes, I want you to know you shouldn't give up hope. At the end of the day it is us who has to choose to move forward and I hope you do because the world is messed up, and because of that the world is so messed up, the world needs you!" #TransRightsMatter

Thanks for adding me...I just wish it was busier...more active...lots of us younger ones out on the street.

I would like to share why I'm removing this. Unless someone else would like to take over.

I was supposed to take care of this community, but this wasn't my idea. The one that was supposed to be running this whole thing has completely disappeared. I'm sorry I can't do anything else.

I am considering dropping and volunteer spokes person for this site there has not been any real activity or need for me to be a spokesperson read the main reason why I got on this is to actually share information and to actually communicate with others outside this posting site let alone there has not been any selection oven and editor to help me with my post let alone I have no information on fundraising that I can share thank you sincerely Danielle summer Pitmon spokeswoman

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This is one of the photos the latest one I have had done that will be in my new book once I get it all finished and published called my life and my transition

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Definitely a rough past few months for me. Anything helps. Thank you

To the moderator has anybody found a editor to work with me on post for this page sincerely spokeswoman

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Take a look at my new video on YouTube I hope you all will like it

On 7 July it is been one month since I've started my blockers and my hormones haven't noticed many changes but I'm glad to be through one must looking forward to many more months of anniversary postings sincerely spokeswoman of homeless LGBT plus charity

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