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1. This test booklet contains 150 test questions for GENERAL EDUCATION and 150 test questions for PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION. Examinees shall manage to use the 5 ½ hours.


3. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheet.

4. Shade only the box that corresponds to your answer. Two or more boxes shades will invalidate to your answer. There is only one answer to each question.

5. In case you find no answer correct answer, please shade option “E”.


7. This is PRC Property. Unauthorized possession, reproduction, and/or sale of this test booklet is punishable by law. (R.A.8981)



1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet Set.

2. Write the subject title “GENERAL EDUCATION” on the box provided.

3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if your test booklet is Set B.

4. After you have finished answering GENEAL EDUCATION, submit your Answer Sheet to your Room Watcher. Retain the test booklet with you.


35.1 The words “inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible and unaware” have prefixes which are classified as

A. Positive C. Negative

B. Common D. Neutral

35.2 Which does NOT belong?

A. Hypothesis C. Conclusion

B. Surmise D. Conjecture

35.3 Which does NOT belong?

A. Foot C. Centigrade

B. Kilometer D. Mile

35.4 “Blessed are sorrowing for shall be comforted.”

A. the-you C. you-they

B. the-they D. they-they

35.5 When I met Pilar yesterday, it was the first time I her since Christmas.

A. have seen C. have been seen

B. saw D. had seen

35.6 If you want to be recognized, have a finger in the pie.

A. Dip finger in the pie C. join a group

B. Take a share of the pie D. take an active part in something

35.7 Your father is paying for your plane ticket, ?

A. Isn’t it C. isn’t be

B. Is he D. aren’t you

35.8 It’s now two hours past his schedule; the facilitator will not come anymore, but we’ll still be ready in case he .

A. is coming C. does

B. may D. will come

35.9 He was excused because all he said were white lies.

The underline idiomatic expression means .

A. Lies are really harmless C. lies are written on white page

B. Lies recited are excusable D. she recited the lies in public.

35.10 This grade on your essay is low. Did your teacher suggest another?

A. you will make C. to write

B. writing D. revise

35.11 Wise people can with frustration.

A. cope up C. cope in

B. cope on D. cope

35.12 Is this the spot you had the accident?

A. why C. wherein

B. where D. which

35.13 “Nothing happens in this world by chance; it is all part of a grand design.”

The author speaks of one’s .

A. ambition C. destiny

B. luck D. dream

35.14 These towels are for us to dry the dishes.

A. very dry C. so wet

B. very wet D. too wet

35.15 Which sounds like “when”?

A. while C. whine

B. pin D. pet

35.16 Manalo approached the platform with his speech. His palms were sweaty and his hands were shaking. He felt the palpitations of his chest and perspiration began to appear at his forehead. Manalo is experiencing .

A. heart attack C. stage fright

B. nausea D. epilepsy

35.17 What figure of speech is present in this line of the poem “The Brook”?

“This second time it was a tiny snake.”

A. Personification C. Simile

B. Metaphor D. Apostrophe

35.18 The “Rubaiyat”, a loosely joined series of 280 stanzas, has this general theme. Which one?

A. Always look forward to a new day. C. Grasp pleasure while you can.

B. Never give in to death easily. D. Create your own world and beautiful it.

35.19 Do not go gentle into good night,

Old age should burn and rage at close a day;

Raged, against the dying of the light.

-Dylan Thomas

The person in the lines above could be characterized as .

A. pessimistic C. courageous

B. violent D. strong

35.20 In Psalm 23 otherwise known as “Psalm of David”, what is the closest meaning to the line.

“He maketh me to lie down in green pasture; he leadeth me beside the still waters.”

A. He will be given riches and mercy.

B. He will be known throughout the land.

C. He will always obey his master for his glory.

D. He will be provided peace and prosperity.

35.21 The Master said:

“Only one who bursts with eagerness do I instruct. Only one who bubbles with excitement do I enlighten”.

The lines give one the ideas that true learning .

A. makes man a disciple of instruction

B. involves patience and a dash of lethargy

C. is capable of making man

D. comes with commitment and passion

35.22 “Katulad ng wika ang isang halaman. Sa matabang lupa kusang lalago ito kung may sapat na tubig at liwanag.

Ang pahayag na ito ni Teongociang ay umaayon sa .

A. Taglish C. puristang paniniwala

B. dekolonisasyon D. intelektwalisasyon

35.23 Alin sa mga sumusunod ang salitang pambansa?

A. Pinoy C. Mapagkumbaba

B. Kamusta D. Nagdadalantao

35.24 Ano ngaun ang tuntunin na susundin sa pagtutumbas sa Filipino ng “rice terraces”

A. Kung anu ang bigkas siyang sulat.

B. Gamitin ang katutubong katumbas

C. Tumbasan sa Espanyol at baybayin sa Filipino.

D. Hiramin nang ganap

35.25 Ang pagkautal ay matatawag na na sagabal sa pagsasalita.

A. saykolohikal C. pisikal

B. pisyolohikal D. semantiko

33. Sa pangungusap na “Panahon na upang magdilat ng mata at makisangkot sa mga usapin”, ano ang ibig ipahiwatig?

A. Idilat ang mga mata C. Kalimutan ang isyu

B. Umiwas sa usapan D. Maging sa katotohanan

34. Alin ang mali sa pangungusap na ito?

Ilang taon ring namahinga sa pag-awit ang sikat na si Whitney Houston.

A. ang sikat C. sa pag-awit

B. ring D. Ilang taon

35. Alin ang pinakatamang pahayag?

A. Tiningala niya ang langit. C. Sinulyapang niya ang langit.

B. Tinitigan niya ang langit D. Tinitingnan niya ang langit

36. “You can count on me”. Ang pinakamalapit na salin nito ay .

A. “maasahan mo siya” C. “maasahan mo ako”

B. “bilangin mo kame “ D. “ibilang mo ako”

37. Si Lolo Jose ay malakas pa kahit alog na ang baba. Ang kahulugan ng may salungguhit ay A. masakit ang baba C. matanda na

B. bata pa D. Malabo ang mata

38. If July 12, 2003 fell on Tuesday, on what day will July 12, 2005 fall?

A. Thursday C. Sunday

B. Friday D. Monday

39. A map is drawn to scale such that 1.5 cm on the map corresponds to 75 cm in actual distance. How many cm on the map would represent that distance between two towns which are 270 cm apart.

A. 2.7 cm C. 1.8 cm

B. 3.6 cm D. 5.4 cm

40. How much greater is the sum of the first 20 counting numbers than the sum of the first 10 counting numbers.

A. 110 C. 100

B. 55 D. 155

41. Which of these statements is always TRUE?

A. The sum of 3 consecutive pages of a book is always odd.

B. The sum of two square numbers CANNOT be odd

C. The sum of the page number of two consecutive pages of a book is even.

D. The sum of 5 consecutive numbers is always divisible by 5.

42. A father and son working together can finish painting a room in 6 hours. Working alone, a father takes 9 hours to do the painting. How many painting hours will it take the son, working alone, to finish painting the room?

A. 18 C. 75

B. 15 D. 12

43. Which common fraction is equivalent t0 .216?

A. 53 C. 21

250 50

B. 27 D. 108

125 375

44. From a 75m bolt/roll of clothing material, 28 school uniforms are made. Each uniform uses 2-m. How many meters of material are left?

A. 8 ¾ C. 16

B. 10- D. 12

45. Nelia takes ¾ hour to dress and get ready for school. It takes 4/5 hour to reach school. If her class start promptly at 8:15 a.m; what is the latest time she can jump out of bed in order to be late for school?

A. 6:42 a.m C. 6:45 a.m

B. 6:50 a.m D. 7:22 a.m

46. In a playground for Kindergarten kids, 18 children are riding tricycles or bicycles. If there 43 wheels in all, how many tricycle are there?

A. 8 C. 7

B. 9 D. 11

47. Simplify 5√75 - 4√12

A. 13√5 C. 33√3

B. √63 D. 17√3

48. A child can be admitted to Grade I if he/she is at least 5 years and 10 months old by June of the school year. Which of these birthdates will disqualify a child from being admitted to Grade I on June 15, 2009?

A. June 10, 2003 C. May 5, 2003

B. Jan. 10, 2003 D. April 30, 2003

49. A time deposit in a bank will mature after 91 days. If the deposit was made on April 28, on what date will it mature?

A. June 28 C. July 28

B. July 18 D. July 29

50. The readings on water meter in April and May are 417.8kl and 430.4kl. If there a basic charge of 23 pesos and the cost per kl is 20 pesos, how much is the billing for water consumption between the two months?

A. P2,520 C. P2,543

B. P272 D. P275

51. One side of a 45 ˚- 45 ̊- 90 ̊ triangle measures 5 cm. What is the length of its hypotenuse?

A. 5√3cm C. 5√3


B. 5 cm D. 5√2cm

52. An online shop sells a certain calculator for P850 and charges P250 for shipping within Manila, regardless of the number of calculators ordered. Which of the following equations shows the total cost (y) of an order as a function of the number of calculators ordered (x)?

A. y=(850+250)x C. y=850x+250

B. y=250x+850 D. x=850y+250

53. How many glasses of Cola each to be filled with 150 cu cm of the liquid can be made from 5 family sizes bottles of cola each containing 1.5 liters?

A. 60 C. 40

B. 45 D. 50

54. The edges of a cubical frame are made from plastic straws. How much longer is the total length of the plastic edges of a cube whose edge is 10 cm compared to a cube whose edge is 8 cm?

A. 32 cm C. 24 cm

B. 8 cm D, 16 cm

55. How many different rectangles can be found in the diagram below?

A. 8 C. 5

B. 4 D. 9

56. If the width of a rectangle is reduced by 20% and the length is also reduced by 20%, what percent of the original area is the new area of the rectangle?

A. 60% C. 80%

B. 64% D. 36%

57. How many square inches are in 1 square yard?

A. 900 C. 1296

B. 144 D. 648

58. Which of these has the longest perimeter

A. A rectangle 19 cm long and 24 m wide

B. A right triangle whose two legs are 24 and 32 cm

C. A square 21 cm on a side

D. An equilateral triangle whose side is 28 cm

59. Determine the midpoint of the line segment joining the points (5,-3) and (-1,6)

A. (2,3/2) C. (3,3/2)

B. (2,-3/2) D. (1,5/2)

60. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?

A. 84 C. 12

B. 7 D. 14

61. In a circle with center O, arc RS=132 degrees. How many degrees are there in angle RSO?

A. 22 C. 20

B. 24 D. 48

62. One angle of a parallelogram is 35? What are the measures of the three other angles?

A. 145 ̊,35 ̊,145 ̊ C. 85 ̊,135 ̊,140 ̊

B. 45 ̊,65 ̊,170 ̊ D. 35 ̊,65 ̊,65 ̊

63. A series of square figures are made with match stick. If the first three figures are the following, how many matchsticks will be needed to form the 6th figure?

A. 60 C. 84

B. 5 D. 40

64. if 1 = a then x equals the

x b

A. product of a and b C. difference of a and b

B. sum of a and b D. quotient of a and b

65. On a certain day three computer technicians took turns in manning a 24-hours internet shop. The number of hours Cesar, Bert, and Danny were on duty was in the ratio 1:2:3, respectively. The shop owner pays them Php 40 per hour. How much would Danny receive for that day?

A. Php 230 C. Php 160

B. Php 960 D. Php 480

66. A bus has seven vacant seats. If there additional passengers enter the bus, in how many different ways can they be seated?

A. 6 C. 5040

B. 210 D. 35

67. Ruben’s grades in 6 subjects are 88,89,84,90,91 and 86? What is the least grade that he should aim for the 7th subject if he has to have an average of 88?

A. 91 C. 93

B. 90 D. 92

68. In how many ways can 7 people seated around a circular table?

A. 49 C. 5,040

B. 720 D. 14

69. A committee of 3 is to be selected from a group of 5 girls and 3 boys. What is the probability that two boys are selected?

A. 15/56 C. 3/56

B. 8/56 D. 5/56

70. A student has ten posters to pin up on the wall of her room, but there is space or only seven. In how many ways can she choose the posters to be pinned up?

A. 5040 C. 120

B. 604,800 D. 7

71. A retailer buys candies for Php 37.50. That pack has 25 pieces of candies. If she sells each candy for Php 2.25, how much profit does she make?

A. Php 15.50 C. Php 37.50

B. Php 56.25 D. Php 18.75

72. In how many ways can four boys and four girls seated in a row containing eight seats if the boys and girls must sit in alternate seats?

A. 1152 C. 40,320

B. 24 D. 576

73. During period of increased global temperatures, which of the following is most likely to occur?

A. A decreased in earthquakes C. A decreased in atmospheric CO2

B. An increase in earthquakes D. An increase in atmospheric CO2

74. Which of the following human activities reduces the level of ozone in the atmosphere?

A. Using large banks of solar cells for energy production

B. Using artificial lighting in scientific polar station

C. Releasing of fluorocarbons from aerosol cans

D. Destroying large areas of the equatorial rain forests

75. If two variables X and Y are directly relate, which of these is NOT true?

A. When X is low, Y is also low.

B. As X increase, Y also increase

C. When X increase, Y decrease

D. A high Y is associated with a high X

76. What is the most significant cause of dwindling biodiversity?

A. large plant consumption C. destruction of habitat

B. global warming D. depletion of ozone layer

77. The existence of extraterrestrial life may never be proven, but this idea will become more scientifically acceptable over time if .

A. alternative hypotheses are proposed and confirmed

B. hypotheses are made related to the idea

C. no one disputes this idea in a scientific forum

D. increasing scientific evidence supports the idea

78. Why is incineration not favored as a method of waste disposal?

A. It is expensive for a country like ours.

B. The country lacks funds to install incineration.

C. It requires large energy expenditure.

D. It releases noxious gases.

79. Teacher M showed the class the potted plants placed on the window sills. She asked them to observe the direction of their growth. The pupils observe that the plants tented to grow outward. Then Teacher M asked them the class this question: “Why do think they grow outward?”

What was Teacher M engaging pupils to do?

A. Observe C. Draw conclusion

B. Formulate hypothesis D. Design an experiment

80. Which of the following has the smallest mass when measured in an equal arm balance?

A. ½ sheet of pad paper C. ¼ sheet of pad paper

B. 1/8 sheet of pad paper D. 1/3 sheet of pad paper

81. Which of the following activities help REDUCE water pollution?

A. Throwing only liquids wastes

B. Cleaning with soap instead of detergents

C. Treating wastewater before it is discharge

D. Using organic fertilizers in farms

82. Leaves are green in sunlight because .

A. they absorb the green light

B. their tints bounce off

C. they absorb the blue and yellow object and yellow light

D. they reflect green light

83. Which of the following is TRUE about light and seeing?

A. Light enters the eyes enabling people to see objects.

B. Light goes out from eyes, hits an object, and then returns to the eyes.

C. Light rays coming from an object meets light coming from a light source and then enters the eyes.

D. Light hits an object, bounces, and then enters the eyes.

84. A tray filled with ice was left on a table. After one hour, it was observed that some of the ice had changed to liquid. Which of the following is TRUE about the temperature of the water is higher than the temperature of the ice.

I. The temperature of the ice did not change.

II. The temperature of the ice became higher.

III. The temperature of water is higher than the temperature of the ice.

A. II only C. III only

B. I and III D. I only

85. A stainless steel spoon feels colder than a plastic spoon because stainless steel .

A. absorbs less heat from the hand than plastic does

B. is really colder than plastic

C. has a lower temperature than plastic

D. conducts heat away from the hand faster than plastic does

86. Why does the level of water in a beaker rise after a stone is laced in it?

A. The stone and water occupy the same space

B. The stone takes the place occupied by water

C. The stone has more mass than the water

D. The water weighs less than stone.

87. In President Quezon’s time, the country had the Philippine Commonwealth. What is TRUE about the Philippine Commonwealth?

The Filipino were .

A. partially independent

B. granted total freedom to course their destiny only on matters of education

C. citizens of the United State

D. fully independent

88. What does the “presumption of innocence” mean in so far as human rights is concerned?

A. has the right to remain silent

B. remains innocence until proven quality

C. is concerned guilty unless proven otherwise

D. has the right to a legal counsel

89. What development has taken place in our form of government from the pre-Hispanic Philippines to the present?

I. We have come from a one-man rule to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

II. We began with a one-man rule and have ended up with a dictatorial form of government

III. We started with a dictatorial form of government that has developed into the present democratic form.

A. I and III C. II


90. In connection with government transactions involving public interest, which policy, is adopted by the Constitution to assure the public of accountability and transparency?

A. Rural development and agrarian reform

B. Private enterprise and incentives to needed investments

C. Full public disclosure

D. Balanced and healthful ecology

91. With the Batasang Pambansa performing legislative and executive powers in the Marcos regime, which form of government was implemented?

A. Monarchial C. Presidential

B. Parliamentary D. Dictatorial

92. As a result of EDSA I, the Philippines .

A. changed its form of government to parliamentary

B. intensified its participation in international affairs

C. saw the impeachment of Joseph Estrada as president

D. became known worldwide for its People’s Power Revolution

93. Rizal focused the “La Liga Filipina” to .

I. unite the whole country

II. fight violence and justice

III. revolt against the Spaniards

A. I and III C. I and II

B. II and III D. II only

94. Which is TRUE of the Philippines

A. It has been colonized by two European colonial powers.

B. There have been attempts to change its government to a parliamentary form.

C. It is the only Christian in Asia.

D. It has never been united as a nation.

95. Which is TRUE of the historical development of the Philippines?

A. It has been an independent nation.

B. It has not achieved full independence from the very beginning

C. It has been an independence nation ever since.

D. It has evolved from a colony to a fully independent nation.

96. This year’s SONA was focused on education and economy. What is meant by SONA?

A. Speech of the Nation Assembly

B. Speech of the Nation Address

C. State of the Nation Advocacy

D. State of the Nation Address

97. Which statement is TRUE of the pre-Spanish Filipino government?

A. There was a court created by the datu to hear complaints.

B. The datu exercised all powers of government.

C. Laws were formulated by a law making body elected by the community.

D. Laws were formulated by a law-making body appointed by the datu.

98. With which are the words “Cha-cha” and “con-ass” associated?

A. Imposition of martial law.

B. Return to dictatorial form of government

C. Amendment of the present constitution

D. Division between Senate and House of Representatives

99. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform and cooperatives are meant to .

A. to improve on the country’s literacy rate

B. to make all citizens equal

C. bridge the gap between the rich and the poor

D. eradicate poverty in the country

100. How can the Comprehensive Agrarian reform Program bring about social equity and economic prosperity in the country?

I. By distributing the ownership of land to farmers for value charge

II. By transferring the ownership of land to farmers for value

III. By helping the affected landowners to use their land compensation in viable business activities

IV. By providing support services to farmer-beneficiaries

A. I,II and III C. II,III and IV

B. I,II and IV D. I,III and IV

101. When one company controls the supply of sugar, which terms applies?

A. Economic Stability C. Equilibrium

B. Monopoly D. Inflation

102. When parents decide to send their children to a private school and pay their tuition fee instead of sending them to the public school, they don’t get their share in the benefit derived from the taxes they pay.

This is a case of . .

A. social inequity C. social injustice

B. double taxation D. double jeopardy

103. Which does one display when he thinks that what is foreign is the best and that what is local is inferior?

A. Relativism C. Ethnocentrism

B. Favoritism D. Xenocentrism

104. Upon which is the claim that is no single universal standard to be used to judge any cultured based?

A. Cultural diversity C. Cultural relativism

B. Cultural shock D. Ethical relativism

105. You have to take extra care when you critique the work of a Filipino. Your negative comment maybe mistaken to be an attack against his/her person. Upon which Filipino trait is this advise based?

A. “Bayanihan” spirit C. “Sakop” mentality

B. Extreme personalism D. Adaptability

106. Which of the following was the first to happen?

A. Aguinaldo declared Philippine independence

B. Guerilla warfare against the US was initiated

C. The Philippines was ceded to the US by the Treaty of Paris

D. Aguinaldo was captured

107. If they were to come back life, who among the following would be the most vocal to speak against the country’s foreign policy of close associated with America?

A. Jose P. Laurel, Elpidio Quirino

B. Leon Ma. Guerrero Jr., Jose P. Laurel

C. Claro M. Recto, Leon Ma. Guerrero

D. Claro M. Recto, Jose P. Laurel

108. To stimulate the nation’s economy and increase employment, past President Diosdado Macapagal .

A. borrowed money from the World Bank

B. standardized the salaries of government employees

C. abolished government repressive controls

D. gave incentives to home cottage industries

109. Based on his work “Sa Aking Mga Kabata”, would Rizal favor the use of the mother tongue in the early grades?

A. He did not express it clearly C. No.

B. Yes, but mixed with English. D. Yes.

110. Out of used illustration boards, students came up with cute and function bags for school children.

Which Filipino trait is exhibited?

A. Adaptability C. Family-orientedness

B. Creativity D. Pagkabayani

111. On which Filipino trait dies Gawad Kalinga build on?

A. Extreme personalism C. Bayanihan spirit

B. Joy and Humor D. Adaptability

112. The Filipino’s indomitable spirit is shown in his .

A. utang na loob C. self-reliance

B. friendliness D. ability to survive

113. Let’s assume that universities will be required to offer education programs at the graduate rather than at the undergraduate level. Based on this information, how should you respond?

A. Disagree C. Agree

B. Not enough information D. Neutral

114. One reason why the NCEE was abolished was because it was anti-poor. Which explanation logically supports this reasoning?

A. The NCEE served as a measured to countered the “diploma mill” mentality of Filipinos.

B. It’s good that NCEE was abolished because that would mean only those fit for college would go to college.

C. Most of those who did not pass the NCEE were graduates of deprived to schools

D. College education liberates the poor from the bondage of poverty.

115. Art and music are necessary ingredients to a child’s education. Which statement/s, support/s, the idea of this sentence.

I. Music and arts intensify a child’s imagination.

II. Music teaches discipline, team work, math and poetry through rhythm.

III. Painting helps a kinesthetic learner express abstract concepts in concrete forms.

A. I only C. I and II

B. I,II and III D. III only

116. Rizal said: “There are no tyrants where there are no slaves.” Which logically explain this?

I. If the Filipino were treated as slaves by the Spaniards it was because they allowed themselves to be treated as such.

II. It was the equally the fault of the Filipino why the Spaniards treated them as slaves.

III. The Spaniards were tyrants and so they treated the Filipino as slaves.

A. I C. I and II


117. You are often told: “Poverty is not hindrance to success.” What does this imply?

A. It is other people that hinder people to succeed.

B. What a person becomes in life is a product of his/her own choice.

C. A person is totally conditioned by his/her environment.

D. The “promdi” student does not succeed because of his/her place of origin.

118. What a student can do offers from what he will do. What does this prove?

A. Motivation and ability always together.

B. Motivation differs from ability.

C. Student of today are hardly motivated.

D. Ability is the opposite of motivation.

119. A Biology teacher described herself biologically: “My estrogen level is decreasing and I have signs for osteoporosis.”

What is TRUE of the Biology teacher?

A. She is a chain smoker C. She is spinster.

B. She is in late adolescence D. She in her post-menopausal period.

120. A secret word that must be entered into the computer before a person is allowed to get or change information is called .

A. program C. statement

B. password D. input

121. The search for related literature by accessing several data bases by the use of a telephone line to connect a computer library with other computers that have database is termed .

A. manual search C. Compact disc search

B. on-line search D. computer search

122. Which refers to a single phrase or word that tells the computer to do something with a program or file?

A. Password C. Command

B. Computer Program D. Computer language

123. In writing a letter, which productivity tool is used? .

A. Pagemaker C. Spreadsheet

B. Word processing D. Publisher

124. Like the typewriter, the computer has a .

A. screen C. keyboard

B. cursor D. disk drive

125. Which application program provides one with a means to organize and present information through the use of text, numbers, graphs, sounds, and visual images

A. Publisher C. Multimedia

B. Spreadsheet D. Word processing

126. Which one links the computers to base computer making it possible to share software materials?

A. Modern C. Local area network

B. Interface D. Internet

127. What is/are the best ways to a child’s development according to the statement?

I. Meet the child where the child is.

II. Allow the child to develop according to his/her pace.

III. Compare a child to another in order to motivate her/him to catch up with other children’s development.

A. II and III C. I,II and III

B. I and III D. I and II



What message does the statement have for teachers?

A. Just look at the flowers when you are tempted to hurry up the development of a child.

B. Provide children with developmentally appropriate practices.

C. Games will help develop children naturally.

D. Avoid comparing a child with other children.

129. Which statement is in support of the statement given above?

A. A teacher’s moment-by-moment actions and interactions with children are the most powerful determinant of learning outcomes and development.

B. We can’t make children’s dendrites grow faster or insist that important connections in the brain be made.

C. It is the early childhood educator who has both the immense responsibility of creating the learning environment that will intrigue and stimulate the whole child.

D. Each child’s brain is unique and vastly different from one another.

130. What kind of improvement process is in keeping with SBM?

I. Data-driven

II. Continuous

III. Participatory

A. I and II C. II and III

B. I and III D. I,II and III

131. In SBM, who is empowered to lead the school and the community for improvement

A. The parent leaders C. The principal

B. The school head D. The teachers

132. Which word/phrase does NOT go with school-based management?

A. Transparency C. Continuous improvement

B. Authoritarian leadership D. Partnership

133. “Spring” in the first stanza represents all but one of the following .

A. a budding relationship C. colorful world of people in love

B. the beginning of love D. the end of bachelorhood

134. The word “summer” in the second stanza suggests .

A. hot environment C. vacation from school

B. mixed feelings D. heightened emotions

135. In the third stanza, “autumn” may mean all the following EXCEPT .

A. irreconcilable differences waning of feelings

B. problem faced by lovers

C. falling out of love

D. death of the love

136. In L. Paras-Sulit short story “Harvest”, which people compose this world?

I. Those constantly in search of beauty

II. Those who seek to destroy beauty

III. Those who created beauty

A. I,II and III C. I and III

B. I and II D. II and III

137. The theme of Nick Joaquin’s short story “May Day Eve” is .

A. it is good for a person to love and lose than to not have loved at all

B. true love is eternal and permanent

C. justice should prevail in every endeavor

D. it is foolish and dangerous to base one’s worthy endeavors on superstitious beliefs

138. The theme of “Hidden Sea” written by Stevan Javallana is .

A. the good victorious; evil will be punished.

B. insatiable greed leads to destruction; therefore man has to strive for simplicity.

C. the sea is a mixture of all beautiful things; therefore we have to preserve the sea.

D. man is a paradox, a mixture of good and evil; it is only through love that admirable qualities may be manifested.

139. Ano ang mahalagang pag-uugali ng tao ang pinapahiwatig ng binasang talataan?

A. Maging makatarungan tayo sa lahat ng bagay, tao at panahon

B.Humanda tayo lagi sa mga suliraning darating sa ating buhay.

C. Maging positibo tayo sa pag-iisp at pagbibigay pasiya.

D. Gawin natin lagi ang magagandang bagay, ang pagtawag at paghingi ng tulong sa Diyos.

140. Saan itinulad ng akda ang ating buhay?

A. Sa malakas na bagyo

B. Sa masarap na putahe

C. Sa init at lamig ng panahon

D. Sa putahe at sa panahon

141. Anu ang pangunahing paksa na inilahad sa talataan?

A. Harapin ang buhay at isipan ang kasabihang umasa sa Diyos na hindi magpapabaya.

B. Pagkat kaloob ng Diyos sa tao ang pagdurusa, sikat at suliranin,nariyan Siya upang tao ay damayan.

C. Harapin nang buong tapang ang buhay na may lungkot ay ligaya, at magtiwala sa Poong Maykapal.

D. Buong giting na humarap sa buhay mabagyo man o maaraw.

142. Alin ang hindi bunga batay sa talata?

A. Karukhaan C. Kalungkutan

B. Ligaya D. Karangalan

143. Ang paghihirap ng bayani ay sanhi ng .

A. diagmaan C. kahinaan ng bayani

B. pagkamasarili D. kawalang malay

144. Kung gagamitan ng paghihibla sa mga konsepto na talata, alin ang pinakagitna?

A. Ligaya C. Pag-ibig

B. Kabayanihan D. Kaginhawaan

145. Is there any detect in the experimental design?

A. Yes, there is, but was compensated for by the use of not only one type of fish.

B. Yes, there is, but was remedied by the fact that 3 kinds of detergents were used.

C. Yes, not only one but several.

D. None, it is simple yet perfect design.

146. How can the experimental design be improved?

I. Focus on one independent variable at a time, e.g brand of detergent.

II. Make use of the same type and size of fish.

III. Increase the number of fish and reduce the number of detergent brands involved.

A. I only C. I and II

B. I and III D. II only

147. What is the detergent variable?

A. The amount of water

B. The effect of detergent fish

C. The amount of detergent

D. The brand of detergent

148. What is defective with the experimental design?

A. It is very complicated

B. There is no testable hypothesis

C. There are so many independent variables the effects of which are tested at the same time.

D. There a lot of biases involved.

149. What is the experimental group?

A. The baby junior fish with 1 tbsp of Champion

B. The tilapia with 1 tbsp of Tide

C. Cannot be determined

D. The goldfish with 1 tbsp of Surf

150. What is the control group?

A. The baby junior fish with 1 tbsp of Champion

B. The tilapia with 1 tbsp of Tide

C. The goldfish with 1 tbsp of Surf

D. Cannot be determined

1. C

2. D

3. C

4. C

5. B

6. C

7. C

8. C

9. B

10. C

11. D

12. C

13. B

14. A

15. D

16. C

17. C

18. B

19. B

20. A

21. C

22. D

23. B

24. B

25. B

26. A

27. C

28. A

29. D

30. A

31. B

32. C

33. A

34. A

35. C

36. A

37. B

38. D

39. C

40. C

41. A

42. D

43. A

44. C

45. B

46. A

47. C

48. A

49. D

50. D

51. B

52. A

53. C

54. C

55. A

56. D

57. B

58. A

59. C

60. D

61. C

62. B

63. A

64. D

65. A

66. D

67. B

68. A

69. D

70. A

71. C

72. A

73. B

74. C

75. A

76. C

77. D

78. B

79. D

80. A

81. B

82. D

83. A

84. B

85. D

86. A

87. C

88. B

89. A

90. C

91. D

92. D

93. A

94. C

95. C

96. A

97. B

98. B

99. A

100. C

101. B

102. B

103. A

104. D

105. A

106. C

107. B

108. D

109. A

110. D

111. A

112. B

113. D

114. A

115. C

116. C

117. D

118. A

119. B

120. B

121. C

122. A

123. B

124. D

125. C

126. A

127. B

128. D

129. A

130. D

131. A

132. C

133. A

134. C

135. B

136. A

137. B

138. D

139. A

140. D

141. C

142. B

143. A

144. C

145. D

146. D

147. A

148. C

149. B

150. A
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