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Name: Ludwig Beilschmidt
Gender: Male
Likes: potato's, organisation, and baking.
Dislikes: mess and Prussia living in his basement.
Age: 20
Friends: Italy, Japan, Austria and most people that are not Romano.

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"Hello!~ I'm Alfred,also known as the hero! Well,joke~ Also known as America,actually~ Well,nice to meet you to those who haven't meet me yet! Hope we'll get along,dude!~" He make a hero-like pose and winked,his blue eyes shining a little as he talked

Ciao! I'm Feliciano Vargas ve~

Name: Feliciano Vargas
Gender: comment
Likes: Pizza, pasta, big brother Romano, cats and Doitsu
Dislikes: Scary people, scones, war, The British
Age: 20
Friends: Germany, Japan, Canada, Romano, Serborgasm, Holy Rome :,,,( and anyone who isn't England.

Hello gentlemen. I am England. How are you this fine morning?
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