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Notleigh Town


[1] Minimal swearing
[2] No drp
[3] Be kind
[4] Respect others, including mods.

5 Free
Horses: £1,000
Livestock: £800
Exotics: £800
Dogs: £300
Cats: £200
Small Animals: £100

Ask before starting a business.
Start with £10,000

+Thunderous Thoroughbred
+Merlin's Magic
+Willow Creek Equestrian Centre​

Anyone still here?

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Would anyone be interested in roleplaying?

My characters:

Stella | 26 | Female | Novelist
Finnigan | 24 | Male | Currently in law school
Felix | 16 | Male
Cass | 16 | Female

Photo for attention.

((Closed to +Juliet Watson))

Felix raised his hand to shield his vision from the sun. The bright sunlight illuminated the entire park, making for a delightful day. Felix did not have a reason to go to the park, but he just wanted to chill out. The sixteen-year-old found an empty park bench and sat down with a sigh. He gazed around the park, which was very busy due to the nice weather.
Felix yawned and stretched his arm out to rest on the back of the bench. It felt pretty good to be alone for a while, to Felix's surprise. At least, he thought he was alone.

Heyy, since I didn't get too well at first with this com, I'm just gonna casually make another prof, don't mind me frens :3

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"Are you convinced yet?"


¤ Basic Information ¤

Name: Finnigan Holland Not to be confused with Felix.

Nicknames: Finn, occasionally.

Gender: Male

Age: 24 years


¤ Personal ¤

Personality: Finnigan is what you can call a "spoiled rich kid." He grew up having everything he ever wanted, and never had to work for success. Because of his childhood, he became cocky and arrogant. Finnigan is used to getting his way. He has also become flirtatious and quite full of himself. He doesn't like anyone who could be a rival.

Positive Traits: Confident, charming

Negative Traits: Arrogant, egotistical

Likes: Showing off, riding

Dislikes: Being less important than someone else, losing

Hobbies: Finnigan was taught to ride horses at a young age. He currently still rides, but his talent is questionable.


¤ Relationships ¤

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: None

Dating: N/A

Married to: N/A

Friends: Stella kinda

Enemies: Open


¤ Education/Business Info ¤

Schooling: Finnigan was mostly home-schooled, but attended a private school for a couple years.

College: Finnigan graduated at University of Cambridge.

Occupation: Finnigan is currently studying to be a lawyer.


¤ Family ¤

Mother: Kristen Holland

Father: Michael Holland

Siblings: None

Pets: A horse I will not post or roleplay as it, so it shall be unnamed.


¤ Other ¤

Important Notes: He talks to Stella quite a bit, and they occasionally ride together. They are not close yet.

Bio: Finnigan was born in a large house to a wealthy family. As a child, he lived in London and learned to ride horses. He rides and competes now, and he is currently in law school. 


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Fostering Vanilla: Day Two
Let's Walk

Stella slid the door open to Vanilla's stall. The mare nickered softly, her gray ears flicking in Stella's direction. Stella smiled and slid on the mare's halter. The mare kept her head still, her ears flicking as Stella clipped the lead on. Stella turned, slowly leading Vanilla out of her stall.
The bright sunlight shone down on the field as Stella walked Vanilla out of the barn. The sun was beginning to set, so it was getting cooler. Both Glory and Shamrock were grazing in the pasture, their presence making Vanilla uneasy. However, Stella led the mare right past the paddock and toward a large, empty field. Vanilla relaxed when the other horses came out of her view.
Small jumps were arranged from when Stella had been riding Shamrock. Stella led Vanilla away from the jumps toward the vacant space in the field. Dropping her slack on the lead rope, Stella stepped back, giving the mare some space. Vanilla hesitated, looking at Stella to see what she was doing, and then dipped her head down to graze.
As the sun set over the field, Stella was found sitting cross-legged beside the grazing mare, watching the sky. Vanilla grazed peacefully, her back hoofed raised in relaxation. As the sun began to set and a shadow was cast over the field, Stella stood up, shaking off the grass. Vanilla lifted her head as Stella grabbed her lead, turning her around. The two walked in serenity back to the barn, undisturbed.

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Josette walks around the park, taking pictures. She's just about to take a picture of a bluebird in a tree, when you....

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Jade is working in the hospital, filling out paperwork, when you

Roleplay Series
Part 1B: They Meet


Stella stepped backward, getting against the wall. She glanced at Kyle, who was still holding his ground. He turned and Stella motioned for him to do as he was instructed, and with a sigh, he stood against the wall.
"Now," the man swung his handgun around, pointing at everyone in the barn. "Which one of you knows where the prize money is?"
He doesn't even know what he's talking about. Stella thought, keeping her gaze on the gunman.
"I said, where is the money?!" The man spun around, waving his gun around like it was nothing.
"What money?" One of the exercise riders asked, and the man whirled on him, his gun inches from the rider's face.
"Don't act like you know nothin'. Where is the money?" The man kept his finger on the trigger.
"Specify." This time, it was Kyle who answered. Stella held her breath as the man spun around rapidly to face the twelve-year-old boy.
"Don't act stupid." The man snarled. His gun moved from Kyle to Stella. "You."
"M-me?" Stella pressed herself against the wall even more, surprised and terrified.
"Don't act stupid either. I'm already about to shoot your friend over here." The man motioned toward Kyle, who looked like he was about to pounce on the man. "You know the money horses get from winnin' the races? Where is it?"
"Um...uh, I honestly don't know." Stella shrugged slightly, her entire body shaking with fear.
"One of you are about to get shot!" The man yelled as he backed away to face everyone in the barn. He then turned back to Kyle, who had his hands balled into fists.
"Make one move, kid, and you're dead." The gunman smirked, his gun pointed at the boy. Kyle stood still, his eyes on the man. The man then laughed tauntingly, his raucous voice making Stella shiver. "You're not brave."
"I'll show you brave. I'll-" Kyle leapt at him, taking Stella by surprise. It amazed her how this twelve-year-old boy could stand up to a man with a gun.
Before Stella could finish her thought, she was suddenly grabbed by the shoulders. The man had grabbed her, putting her in a headlock. The man laughed and pointed his gun at her.
"Whatcha gonna do now, boy? Take a step, I'll pull the trigger, and....boosh." The man cracked a wicked smile. Stella's heart skipped a beat. Now, her new friend was in a tough situation. She could only hope that he would make the right decision.
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