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In case some of you guys are interested in adding some features to this rather basic utility I made for the Epic.

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Finally managed to convert my store demo Epic to a retail one, though it's a bit involved due to the locked bootloader, i.e. I had to modify a demo system.img by replacing apps and stuff from it with their retail equivalents, and flash it through SP Flash Tools' hidden "Write Memory" option for it to run properly.

I'll post instructions on the demo-to-retail conversion ASAP. Just need some guinea pigs who are willing to test this for me. ;)
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Well, the LeapTV was < $20, so I'll hopefully be joining in the mix soon.

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First weekend of hacking around on the LeapTV went pretty well.

I got the system to boot from an SD card without modifying the stock u-boot, got Leapfrog's 3.4.24 kernel sources to cross-compile, and built a debian jessie rootfs.

After setting up my SD card just right, I'm able to run Debian!

So far it seems to run the armhf build of debian just fine. A newer kernel would obviously be nice, but still just trying to get my bearings on this platform.

It looks like that with an SD adapter (Either disassemble a factory LeapTV cartridge and swap the SD card, or solder a microsd socket onto the back of the cartridge slot, which is what I did), it should be possible to boot a custom kernel and debian (Or whatever other root filesystem you want) on a completely stock system without modifying the bootloader or the stock leaptv OS. If we do get the board support stuff ported to a new kernel, we'd probably have to modify the stock u-boot so that it supports the device tree blobs found in newer kernels.

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Anyone else with an Epic here? We really need some help regarding the bootloader in this thing as it is locked, preventing modded images from being flashed into the device.

Perhaps someone with mad hardware modding skills would be of great assistance as we're basically stuck with an otherwise unusable tablet.

So I'll be joining the LeapTV crowd within the next couple of weeks. They finally got cheap enough for me to want one. My goal is to get emulaionstation ported to it as it looks powerful enough. Hopefully the OpenGL implementation is less of a pain the the ass than the one on the GS.

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Anyone know how to unlock or flash an Epic demo unit? Got two of these Epics from a friend who was kind enough to donate them for hacking/development. Tried flashing a dump of the retail ROM to no avail, as SP Flash Tool is giving me error 6045, aka the bootloader lock error.

Does anyone still have Mick's Doom port for LeapTV or his Duke Nukem port for the LeapTV? I'm trying to cobble together a joke gift for my stepfather who is a big fan of both games, but the links are dead or MIA.

thanks for he warm welcome guys, I guess I havent missed a beat since my post is still at the top! nobumo required! lol... SO I start... Rather start again oon my attempts to mod what I have been calling a LeaoPad 2... not 10-0% sure, could be one ..... Like a year ago , I came came accross spiffy , thanks +Deak Phreak lol, manged fior maybe a half hour do load up those vids and themes ... else I belive it was? till something wen hay wire... fast forward couple monts came acros openfl and same what peoples were doin oushing neato java funnes via adb i imagine... (though I can almost swear I read someone doing over network?).... I use both windows and linux, tried using borth flavors to install" open fl t o no avail......... got as far as connecting o the leapp via adb biut something idk was missing.... gave up..... now im here fore real.... ready and able....

-Im running Ubuntu, (linux durp)
-Gota all the tool id need (my brain being the mosed used up)

I know , speaking as a develepoer and pentester when peole come to your turn and ask to bespoon fed the solution.... well I asure you spood feed or not I undertand the tech just could use a little guidance in the proccess...

the poas a bit busted... well, screens cratched up.. kids right? aaside from spiffy site... whichh Ive scoured, wish the community was larger but iguess people just dont like playing with their kids toys lol.... any how o vids or..... any guindance resource would be appreciated.....

Thanks yo guys
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