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Name: Echo Dreamsong

Age: About 75, but appears about 10

Gender: Female

Height: 4'11

Weight: 60lbs

Powers: Wind control and wish granting and fear manipulation

Weapons: none really, she kinda runs away.

Weaknesses: doubt

Center: Hope

Crush: None

Looks: Picture and Silver wings as large as her.

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You see me walking on a telephone wire with my staff over my shoulder

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Name Jack Frost
Age 300 but looks 17
Gender Male
Likes Snow days/The Winter time/Elsa
Personality Strong/Smart/Kind/Nice/Playful
Powers Can make it snow anywhere/Ice/Flight from the wind
Royal or no Nope
Mother Dead
Father Dead
Son Nope
Daughter Nope
Sister Dead
Brother Nope
Husband/Wife No
Name of home Hawthorne
Appearance Below´╗┐
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Hi! I am excited to rp with some awesome people!
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