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I have an announcement this community will no longer be a winx club rp community it will be a fandom community you can still rp as a winx oc but new fandoms are now available

Name: Badi Ryu
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Crushes/ Lovers: None
Secrets: He loves to cook and he has no kinks, so no one has to worry
Powers: Healing and elemental magic, summoning monsters and titans
Fandoms: Huntik, Yugioh, Winx Club, Pokémon
Home planet: Earth
Adopted planet: Andros
Powerbonded Titans: (Some will be the same. But others will be different) Caliban: Ocean form, Venormous (A powerful titan who looks like a snake with 7 heads. In other words, a hydra, he attacks with breath attacks from his 7 heads) Zenko ( A titan who is a samurai, he attacks with blinding speed, and swords)
And Graveborn ( A titan who looks like an undead. But, he isn't undead he is just very pale)
Personality: He's very gentle, generous, and kind
+Flσωєя Qυєєиღ​ What do you think of him?

I had an idea for a transformation for fairies...
It's called Beautellix. When they transform into this form they will get a transformation similar to Enchantix. But, the outfit will be longer so it doesn't look like they are wearing glorified, forgive me for saying this lingerie, and they will be completely barefoot in this form, the outfit will start at the breasts, and go down to the the knees,
The wings will look like the Bloomix wings only sparklier, and larger. I don't know how to draw. But, if someone would like to, they may try to draw the transformation.

+Nashi Dragneel
Niklaus Demetri starts to recite a poem
Powers of Vulcan, hear my call! Make my foes have a downfall, wrap my foes in an unending heat, show them the power of flames can't be beat!
An inferno comes out of my body because of the poem I had recited, luckily I'm not at Alfea when I had recited the poem, and then I recite the poem needed to extinguish the fire
Flames of power don't burn this world to a crisp, become smoke, not just a measly little will o'the wisp! The flames get extinguished

I had an idea. We should do a new season rp, we could use our ocs, and some of the normal characters to do a new Winx Club rp. I would use my fairy oc named Niklaus Demetri, he's the fairy of poetry.

Name: Niklaus Demetri
Age: 16 irl: 22
Gender: Male
Fairy or Witch: Fairy
Fairy of: Poetry
Powers: Magical Poetry
Spells: Too many to mention because of him being the fairy of poetry
Likes: Poetry, swimming, singing, archery, school
Dislikes: Being called weak, and nothing else really.
Transformations: Civilian's clothes, this is when he wears a vest, jeans, a sleeveless shirt under the vest, and snakeskin boots.
Eldritch Morph: Like his civilian's clothes. But, he now has dragon's wings instead of fairy's wings, and his clothes are all Navy blue
Bard's Bodice: Like his Eldritch Morph But he now has a chain connecting to a wallet and his wings are slightly larger
Poetry Pugilist: Like his Bard's Bodice. But, he doesn't have the wallet now, and instead he has a chain around his neck that has a bottle of navy blue fairy dust, and his boots this time are sequined, he can't get higher than this form right now
Crushes: The fairy of music
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, generous, and gentle he loves to help others in need, get on his bad side though, and you will wish you hadn't
Home planet: Earth is his adoptive planet. But, Melody is his home planet.
Bio: A man who has eyes of the deepest violet, he has a good build for his young age,
He has dirty blonde hair, and he weighs 218.8 lbs, and he's generally a happy-go-lucky character, he also loves to cook, his specialties are desserts, Mexican food, Italian food, and Oriental food.
Secrets: He knows how to use both Winx and Trix powers through his poetry. But, he prefers to use Winx because it is based on light magic. He knows how to play many different instruments too. But, his favorite instrument to play is a wind instrument called an ocarina

I'm Astral from Zexal. But, I'll be back to being myself eventually.

+Ariel Triton+Nashi DragneelLucius Whiteclaw is at Lake Roccaluce enjoying the day and practicing his elemental magic, he is also swimming so he can use his water spells underwater

+Flσωєя Qυєєиღ​ You know what I wish? That you guys & gals would allow for us to make male fairies, I had a great fairy idea. But, I'm not sure if y'all would e'en accept it. His name was going to be Niklaus Demetri he was going to be the fairy of poetry, his power comes from his ability to write and recite poetry, his wings would be like Musa's only his would be blue and black instead of Musa's colors on her wings, he'd wear a vest, jeans, snakeskin boots, and a sleeveless shirt under the vest in his civilian form, he has eyes of the deepest violet, his magic is poetry, meaning his attacks revolve around poetry, the poetry he writes and recites causes different things to happen depending on what the poem or poems are about.

I changed my mind about being new characters every Tuesday. I'm just going to be my true self from now on.
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