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Name: Aurora Dröttning
Age: 16
Species: Elven
Personality: Kind with friends, fierce with enemies and cautious with strangers.
Orientation: Straight
Gender: Female
Powers/Abilities: Elf powers, dragon rider powers, enhanced agility and gymnastics, swift but dangerous hand-to-hand combatant, unusually swift and expertly skilled in swordsmanship and archery.
Weapons: Green sword and bow that work with my magic.
Likes: Dragons, nature, her sword and her bow.
Dislikes: Dragon hunters, cruelty, and unfairness.
Bio: Just your average teen elf until I found a dragon egg and it hatched for me. Our enemies, the dragon hunters, were searching for the egg, but my people didn't know about it. Our enemies burnt down our village, and I escaped with the help of my dragon. I am currently living among humans, hoping to be able to live an almost normal life where my dragon is safer.
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