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cannon characer list:
mario:+legitamate easter eggs/the left pipe
cappy:+legitamate easter eggs/the left pipe
luigi: free
yoshi: free
pauline:+Shichimi Thyme
peach:+Shichimi Thyme
bowser: +hammerhead
Captain toad:free
the broodles: free
(i forget the names of all of them)
(now for the ones multiple pepole can be)
chef bro:
bullet bill:
fire bros:
hammer bros:
(list might be updated if i missed somethign out lemme know)

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mario lands in the cap kingdom and cappy taps him until mario slowly wakes up before jumping scaring cappy

mario runs up the hill towards cappy and cappy runs off again

cap kingdom resident w-wh oare you?
your not one of them are you?

cappy comes out of hiding
cappy so sorry for running away like that
you startled me and i do startle easily.
i saw what happened earlier you went through quite the wringer.
youve landed in the cap kingdom
weve been under attack by the same monster that gave you such a trouncing.
and to make things worse the fiend has kidnapped my little sister!
mario looks concerned

cappy id hoped to give chase to that monster in a ship of my own....
unfortnuately all of our airships were wrecked in the attack..
tho im sure there is a ship in the next kingdom over but to get there id have to get to the top of the tophat tower and its being gaurded by those monsters henchmen
you knwo we are both after the same thing maybye we should team up!
so we can rescue those two

cappy goes on marios head
mario oh come on!
what not your style?
how about this!
cappy transforms into marios hat
mario throws cappy and they return back to mario

mario Lets a- go!


bowser takes away peach on the airship as mario falsl to the cap kingdom below
+Shichimi Thyme

in the skies above peaches castle mario leaps and lands on bowsers airship to try and get the princess back
mario WAHOOO!

goombas and koopas finish putting up the posters advetising bowsers wedding

the hammer bro captain reports back to bowsers ship

hammer bro captain the psoters have been put up sir.

Bowser walks in

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