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Go ahead and post what you want about BotW! Just be sure to give a warning before posting story spoilers. If anyone doesn't want to see anything about BotW and doesn't like this rule update, go ahead and tell me in the comments so I can change it.

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This is an interesting theory about BotW's bosses.
Three Heart run experience

So I was doing the boss battle for Divine beast Naboris (the Thunderblight) and I noticed that this was the only Blight I couldn’t beat by just stuffing them with arrows. In fact arrows were completely useless against them.
That got me thinking.

Wouldn’t a Blight with this fighting style be better against Revali, who’s primary weapon is a bow, instead of Urbosa? It seemed like an odd choice on Gannon’s part. Then I realised, the Tunderblight fights with a short sword and shield, which is the exact weapons that Urbosa fought with and that you get given after defeating the divine beast. Then I realised, it’s the exact same for every other divine beast.
Mipha excels at fighting with a spear, the Waterblight also fights with a spear.

Daruk fights with a heavy weapon, which for Link to carry requires two hands but I’m pretty sure Daruk could handle with one.
Which would again match the Fireblight’s weapon.

Even the Thunderblight can summon lighting just like Ubosa’s fury. Along with the same weapons as I mentioned before.

Gannon’s not fighting fire with water. He’s fighting fire with fire. He’s copied the four champions and created better versions of them. Better versions that could defeat them in their acclaimed strongest skill. The skill that supposedly no one else could beat them in.
He’s humiliating them.
Revali is no longer the best bowman “even among the Rito”. Mipha’s spearmanship “in a class all its own” has met it’s match. And because the champions lacked the diversity of using a range of different weapons they couldn’t counter the overwhelming strength with a different style. It’s almost as if Gannon is teaching them a lesson. Not to be too overconfident in their own skill. After all “Jack of all trades, master of none, but is oftentimes better than master of one.” Which Is why you (Link) have a much better chance at defeating them.
So does that shed new light on Gannon’s character?

You probably new at least half of this already. Anyway thanks for reading if you made it to the end.
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BOTW theory! Spoilers, hope these images block the bad spoiler image.

Could the BotW timeline be a combo of the downfall and child timelines? With a combination of mentions in memories, and how every timeline has its own specific style of tunic, and also how one timeline holds more fights with ganon, could this have some merit? This is more of a group theory...
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Who do you think Link's counterpart in Termina is?
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You may now post about BotW. HOWEVER, there is still a small restriction. You need to add something along the lines of "BotW theory!" at the top and press "enter" enough to hide what you said below the three dots that appear on a long post. When posting an image, add another image that is not about BotW in front of it.

(In case you're wondering where the video's at, I've been waiting for Breath of the Wild to come out so I could make any adjustments if needed)

So I haven't beaten Breath of the Wild yet, but I heard the game fits NOWHERE on the Official Timeline. Even as I'm easing along myself, there seems to be no signs of connections to other games whatsoever. So sadly, we might have to exclude this game from the fan timeline, right alongside Triforce Heroes...

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Just going to drop this here, stir up the hype..

Everyone is very excited. However, with many people not getting BotW on the release date and hackers having found the entire game, avoided spoilers will be very hard. So, naturally, a new rule is needed.
All posts about BotW will be deleted as soon as I see them.

...I probably should have done this sooner. My own post with the dragon was a bit of a spoiler.

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This dragon from the Japanese commercial can spark many theories.

The dragon has the glows of both calamity Ganon and Sheikah technology, and it looks like it's made of clay. The back of the BotW map had a picture of the three mechanical beasts we saw so far, along with an elephant and a mechanical DRAGON. However, its eyes seem too alive. It looks like a bit like Volvagia. Link has both the blue tunic and Sheikah slate. The dragon MIGHT not be evil, and it might be leading Link somewhere, but that's unlikely. More likely is that it's either pure evil or corrupted. It might be Eldin, but there's little evidence of that. I think it's the boss of a fire dungeon. The fire dungeon might be the place we saw Link fighting the fire-breathing Lizalfos in the Switch presentation trailer, and he simply swapped tunics when he got to the boss.

What do you think of this?

Hi guys, I knew this isn't exactly a theory but I just wanted to let you guys know I'll be dropping out of my Zelda communities until I'm finished with Breath Of The Wild, seeing as I want to go into the game pretty much blind. I don't want the story to be spoiled, so until later, bye!
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