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Google Apps Google Script - Content System Web App Project
Learn to Build a custom web application using Google Scripts connecting Google Apps together
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4,755 students enrolled

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Google Drive freebie: scientific method digital workbook

This free scientific method digital workbook created in Google Slides can be used with just about any STEM activity. The workbook has been set up to encourage the inclusion of multimedia and can be used across platforms.

To access the FREE workbook and for more ideas on how to use it as an engaging learning tool in the #GoogleEDU #edtech classroom, visit:

Needing some help here. Want to make a local history project with a LG 360 Cam and my students. We document, create, and map a map of our cemetery, school, or historical district of town. How/where do I host this information other than just on maps or google? Are there apps that allow you to do this...or a platform (free if possible..public school here) where we can make maps and insert these 360 photos with text and other information and then publish them to the web? Ideas or comments...or what you do would be great. Thanks in advance!

Need some suggestions on reliable, "cheap", and easy to use Drones that could be used in a classroom or in an application with Google VR/Cardboard and Social Studies applications.


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Do you know of any other teachers in USD 373 that might be interested?
New to Google Cardboard and blown away.  I would like to have any advice, ideas, and ways to use it in a multi discipline classroom.  
1.  Wanting to write a grant to buy a set of 40 Knox Lab viewers.  Anyone have experience with this? Grant options or writing a grant for technology like this.
2.  Want to include training and also professional development options for teachers that might be interested in using it k-12.
3.  Is there an easy way to setup a small network so that students can use their own smartphones to connect through google street view...or other apps geared towards education?  
4.  Since android and apple devices both work with cardboard, does anyone use ipod touches or is there a source for used android devices that can be used JUST for wireless applications?
5.  Any other help would be much appreciated.

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Midsouth Google Summit July 18-20 Trumann High School Trumann, Arkansas

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In  my last post, I discussed possible strategies to use when conducting research in the classroom. There are multiple benefits to teaching proper research strategies. These reasons include the teaching of Common Core State Standards and related 21st…

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Add-ons are a great resource to use in Google Drive. They open a host of options when using Google Apps. There are add-ons available for several of the different available apps. These include self grading add-ons for Google Forms like Flubaroo and Easy…

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