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Who here has Kik add me @FireHeartWarrior1
Instagram follow me @Pebblestorm_Warrior
My number is

Who has Kik we can do a big warrior cat RP group chat or a phone

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Name: PebbleStorm
Rank: unknown yet
Gender: she-cat
Mate: none yet

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Name: Birdpaw
Rank: apprentice
Gender: female
age: 11 moons old
appearance: Tortoiseshell she-cat
mentor: Coldwing
Siblings: Markpaw, Brownpaw (died of greencough)
crush: none yet

Second cat:
name: Markpaw
rank: Med. cat apprentice
gender: male
age: 11 moons old
appearance: Brown and white tom
siblings: birdpaw, brownpaw (died of greencough)
crush: none yet

third cat!
name: Coldwing
rank: young warrior
gender: female
age: 19 moons
appearance: Gray and white she-cat
siblings: none
crush: none yet
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Er.. Hi I am Pebblestorm I would like to join Er.. a clan 

I was second in hand in my old tribe Er.. I mean clan

I will send a pic of my oc tomarro my phone died and my computer wont take screenshots
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