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"Hi I'm Anna! Lucky you!"
Name: Anna
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Universe: Frozen
Weapons: A shovel for melee combat
Special abilities: A climbing hook
Base figure: See below:
Family: Elsa is her older sister.
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Can I rp as Anna from Frozen?

Will someone rp with me?

Aurora is looking for her dad Time. He disappeared and she is looking for him.

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Should I rename her so she isn't mixed up with Sleeping Beauty?:
Name: Aurora
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Female
Universe: Alice through the looking glass
Family: Time is her dad.
Weapons: Baton (also a hand fan, but she doesn't use it much. Same with the baton)
Special ability: She can slow down time when it's needed.
Personality: Wise, clever, serious, intelligent, nice to be around, mysterious (at times), caring, reserved, protective, loving, down to earth, smart, helpful, and warm.
Base figure: What is that? Her picture is below.
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Where do we put our rp profiles?
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