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R5 and Ryland meeting the Mystery girl

(Chapter 10)

(Ross' p.o.v)

Today will be the second day helping Makayla pack.

Makaylas really nice and shes a great friend to Mystery.

I woke up at 8:10 and it's 8:13 right now so I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen.

When I got to the kitchen I found Mystery and Makayla sitting at the bar laughing and drinking coffee.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Nothing, we're just talking about Nadia and Rocky." Mystery said.

"It's nothing bad, we're just talking about how much they Ave in common." Makayla said.

"Oh." I said.

"We did some packing without you and by the looks of it, we might get done packing ahead of time than what we thought." Mystery said.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't have been able to get it all done without y'all." Makayla said.

"We're glad to help." I said.

"Thanks guys." Makayla said.

"No problem." Mystery said.

We ate breakfast, did some more packing, and we did some more packing because it's 9:14 p.m right now. (Sorry for skipping the day)

"That's all." Mystery said.

"Thank you guys so much." Makayla said.

"Don't mention it." Mystery said.

"Everyone can't wait to meet you." I said.

"I can't wait to meet them as well. And to actually meet them in real life." Makayla said.

"Well tomorrow's a big day so I'm gonna go bed." Mystery said.

"Me too." I said.

"Me three." Makayla said.

"Night guys." I said before kissing Mystery.

"Night." Mystery said.

I wake up and it's 6:05 a.m. I get out of bed, pack up my stuff and go downstairs.

When I got to the kitchen nobody was downstairs but me.

I fixed myself a cup of bulletproof coffee and a minute later Mystery came downstairs.

"Morning." I told Mystery before hugging her then kissing her on the head.

"Morning. Is Makayla up yet?" Mystery said.

"No. Are you ready to live in California?" I said.

"Um, I don't know. I'm not a Cali girl." Mystery said.

"You'll be my Cali girl." I said looking at her.

"Your sweet." Mystery said.

"I know." I said before kissing her.

"Ross?" Mystery said.

"What?" I asked.

"Stop it." Mystery said.

"I will not. I love you and I want you to know that." I said.

"You know I know that and you know I love you." Mystery said.

"That's a lot of Knows. But I know and I love you too." I said.

"Morning. Makayla said while waking down the stairs.

"Morning." Mystery said.

"Morning." I said.

"Are you ready for today?" Mystery asked Makayla.

"I'm super excited to meet everyone." Makayla said.

"So what's the plan for today?" Mystery said while smiling.

"We catch the plane at 8:00 and they'll meet us at the airport in California." I said.

"Uh, I there would be busier than that. But less is fine with me." Mystery said.

"Great. Let's get ready." I said speaking for everyone.

Skip a hour

We're in a cab heading to the airport. We're at the airport and we're waiting for them to call our flight.

About 15 minutes went by and they called our flight.

"That's us." I told Mystery and Makayla.

We got up and started walking to the entrance, showed our tickets on got on the plane.

"You still scared?" I asked Mystery.

"No, I know that I'm in good hands." Mystery said.

"Yes you are." I said before Mystery kissed me.

"What was that?" I asked.

"What?" Mystery asked.

"You kissed me." I said surprised.

"I know." Mystery said.

"You don't usually do that." I said.

"I know but I thought it was time to take a ch." Mystery said.

"Well that was a surprise." I said.

(Rydel's p.o.v)

We're on the plane heading back home. I'm sitting by Ellington, Nadia's sitting by Rocky, and Rikers sitting by Ryland.

I've been talking to Nadia and she said that Makayla likes Riker so there might be another couple. I say to myself.

Skip 8 hours

We just landed and we're getting off the plane. We're at the airport getting our bags and trying to find Mystery, Makayla, and Ross.

"Is that them." Ryland asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"Yeah, it's them. MYSTERY." Nadia said but yelled the last part.

"Nadia!" Mystery yelled back.

"Hey." Ross said.

"Guys, I would like for you to meet my friend Makayla." Mystery said.

"I Makayla, it's nice to meet you." I said greeting Makayla.

"Hi, I'm a big fan of yours." Makayla said.

"Your an R5er?" Ellington asked Makayla.

"Yeah." Makayla said.

"Thanks for liking our music. We try our hardest." Riker said.

"No problem. Your music is beautiful and powerful." Makayla said.

"Thank you." I said.

"Should we go now?" Ross asked.

"Yeah." Ryland said.

We got in a cab and headed to the house.

"Here's home sweet home." Ross said.

"This place is bigger than I thought." Nadia said.

"Is that a bad thing?" Ricky asked.

"No, that's a good thing." Nadia said.

"Do you want me to show you to your rooms or the boys?" I asked Makayla, Nadia and Mystery.

"It doesn't matter." Mystery said.

"I'll show you where your room is." Ross told Mystery.

"So since Ross is showing Mystery where her room is, Rocky show Nadia where her room is and Riker, you show Makayla where her room is." I said.

"Ok." Nadia said.

"Riker you don't have to show me unless you want to." Makayla said.

"I'm fine with it if you are." Riker said.

"Ok." Makayla said.

(Rikers p.o.v)

"Here's your room." I told Makayla.

"Hey, it's right next to yours. It's like where sorta neighbors." Makayla said.

"Yeah." I said.

I can't stop looking into Makaylas eyes. I say to myself.

"Riker?" Makayla asked.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Are you ok?" Makayla asked.

"Yeah. Why?" I asked.

"You just keep staring at something." Makayla said.

"I'm not staring, I'm just trying to remember something." I said not telling the exact truth.

"What are you trying to remember?" Makayla asked me.

"What time the Maroon 5 concert is." I said.

"Oh, I think it's at 7:00 or 8:00." Makayla said.

"I think your right." I said.

I go back downstairs and Makayla goes to her room.

"Hey Delly? Can I talk to you in private?" I asked Rydel.

"Sure what's up?" Rydel asked.

"I think I like Makayla." I whisper to Rydel.

"I knew it." Rydel whispered back.

"But I don't know if she feels the same." I whispered to Rydel.

"Don't worry. I'll talk to her." Rydel whispered to me.

"Thanks sis. You'll always be my best friend." I said.

"Aww. You'll always be my best friend." Rydel said while smiling before hugging me.

After I got done talking to Rydel, Makayla came downstairs.

"Do you like your room?" I asked Makayla.

"I love it but not as much as California." Makayla said.

"Well we're glad you like it." Rydel said.

"You want a tour of the house?" I asked Makayla.

"Sure, I would love one." Makayla said.

"Ok, follow me." I told Makayla.

I started walking and Makayla followed me.

"So how did you and Mystery become friends?" I asked.

"Well we started talking and we bonded right away." Makayla said.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah." Makayla said.

I showed Makayla the house and then we met up with everyone in the Living room.

"Do you guys like y'alls room?" Makayla asked Nadia and Mystery.

"I love mine, plus it's next to Rocky's." Nadia said.

"Mystery?" Makayla asked.

"I love mine as well." Mystery said.

"And her room is next to mine." Ross said.

"Yeah, that as well." Mystery said.

"Do you guys wanna watch a movie?" Rydel asked.

"Sure." Everyone said.

Ellington put the movie in and hit play.

We got done with the movie and it was late so we went to bed.

Thanks for reading, and if you like my Fanfiction you'll love +MaKayla Mize​'s Fanfiction.

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R5 and Ryland meeting the Mystery girl

(Chapter 9)

(Mysterys p.o.v)

Today's the day me and Ross leave to Florida and Riker, Rydel, Ellington, Rocky, and Ryland are coming today to help Nadia pack. I wake up at 5:12 and Ross had just texted.

(Text conversation with Ross)

Ross: Morning, are you ready for today?

Me: Yeah, you?

Ross: Definitely. I get to sit by my beautiful girlfriend for about 5 hours.

Me: What about meeting Makayla?

Ross: I'm excited to meet Makayla but my love for you is bigger than you might think.

Me: Oh really?


Me: Are you packed?

Ross: Yeah I'm actually heading to your house. I've already checked out of the hotel.

Me: Oh, well you've been ready.

Ross: Yeah.

Me: I don't mean to rush off but I think Riker, Rydel, Ellington, Rocky, and Ryland is here.

Ross: Oh, well go answer the door. I'm about to be there.

Me: Ok, I'll see you in a bit.

Ross: Love you.

Me: I love you too.

Ross: Bye.

Me: Bye.

(End of conversation)

The doorbell rang so that's why I told Ross it might be Riker, Rydel, Ellington, Rocky, and Ryland. I didn't get in the door in time but Nadia answered the door while I was coming down the stairs.
"Hiiii." Rydel said while coming to give us hugs.
"Hey." I said.
"Hi." Rocky said and he kept looking at Nadia. I think he likes her but doesn't Riker like her? Uh o. I thought to myself.
"Hey." Riker and Ryland said at the same time.
"Hi." Ellington said.
"How have you been?" Rydel asked me and Nadia.
"Great, y'all?" I said.
"The same." Rydel said.
"Where's Ross?" Ellington asked.
"I just got done texting him and he said he's on his way. As soon as I said that, there was a knock on the door. It was Ross.
"Hey." I told Ross.
"Hey." Ross said before kissing me which made me smile.
"Ross." Rydel said before running to give him a hug.
"Hey bro." Rocky told Ross.
"Hey." Ryland said.
"What's up?" Riker said.
"Hey." Ellington said.
"Hey guys." Ross said.
"Today's gonna be a busy day for all of us." Nadia said.
"Yeah. Me and Ross have to catch a plane at 6:00 so I think we need to get loaded and packed to go." I said. We loaded up the car and headed to the airport. We got to the airport, said our goodbyes, try called our flight, and we loaded on the plane.
"Ready?" Ross asked me.
"Yeah." I said I little scared.
"Are you Ok." Ross asked me.
"Actually, I'm kinda scared. I've never been on a plane before." I said.
"Not once?" Ross asked me.
"No." I said.
"Well, don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen and I'm here to protect you." Ross said.
"Aww, thank you." I said while a smile wiped across my face.
"My pleasure." Ross said before kissing me on the cheek.
"Ross, we're in public." I said.
"So what? They can look away. And it was only one kiss." Ross said.
"Ok, but people could have saw that." I said.
"Well I want them to know that I love you." Ross said.
"Really?" I said being cute.
"Yes, I know you love me but do you know I love you?" I said.
"Yeah." Ross said before kissing me.
"........" I was speechless.
"What? No "Ross"?" Ross said.
"I love you and when I tell you to stop, I'm just being cute and that's my way of flirting with you." I said confessing.
"I know and I love it when you do that." Ross said confessing as well. I smiled at him, he smiled back, and we were ready to go see +MaKayla Mize​.

(Nadia's p.o.v)

I'm here at my house with Riker, Rydel, Ellington, Rocky, and Ryland. Their gonna help me pack while Mystery and Ross are helping Makayla pack.
"So how have y'all been?" I asked.
"Great." Rydel said.
"Glad to be off the plane." Ryland said.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yeah, that was the most crowded plane I've ever been on." Ryland said.
"It wasn't that bad." Riker said.
"So what do you want us to do first?" Rocky asked me.
"Well me and Mystery have already packed our rooms and we started on the closets but all we need is the living room." I said.
"That's not a lot." Ellington said.
"Not really." I said.
"So what do you want us to do first?" Riker asked.
"Uh, I want to get started on the living room if that's fine with y'all." I said.
"It's fine with us. Right guys?" Rydel said.
"Yeah, we're fine with that." Rocky said speaking for everyone.
"Great, let me go get the boxes." I said.
"Wait, I'll help you." Rocky said before catching up with me.
"The boxes are upstairs." I said.
" Can I help you?" Rocky asked.
"Yeah." I said. We went upstairs and went to the room where the boxes are.
"You didn't have to help me with the boxes." I said confessing to Rocky.
"I wanted to help." Rocky said. I think Rocky's flirting with me. I've always wanted to date a Lynch, it didn't matter which Lynch as long as it was one. I think to myself before grabbing a box or two. We got downstairs and we started packing.

Skip three hours

"Few, we got a good bit done." I said.
"Yeah, it took a while but we got some done." Ellington said.
"Thank you guys so much for helping me." I said thanking them.
"Don't mention it." Riker said speaking.
"Are you guys hungry?" I asked them.
"Uh, yeah." Ryland said.
"Why?" Rocky asked.
"We can go out and eat. I know a great place." I said.
"Sure, we would love to." Rydel said.
"Are we gonna go in the van or split up in the two cars?" Riker asked.
"I think it'll be better if we go in the van." I said. We loaded up in the van and headed to Veracruz Mexican restaurant.

Skip a hour or two

"That was great. Thanks for telling us about it." Rydel said.
"No problem. Thanks for agreeing to go." I said while heading to the car. We got in the car and headed to the house. We got to the house, got out and everyone was inside but me and Rocky were the last to get out the vehicle but we got to the door and before we got to go inside Rocky bumped into me.
"Sorry." Rocky said after catching me.
"It's Ok." I said while Rocky was letting go of me. We looked into each other's eyes for about a minute.
"Did you ever know that you have a sparkle in your eyes?" Rocky asked me.
"No." I said.
"Well your eyes are very beautiful." Rocky said.
"Thank you." I said while smiling and I think blushing. Rocky leaned in to kiss me and he kissed me.
"Sorry." Rocky said.
"It's Ok." I said.
"I didn't know what I was thinking." Rocky said.
"Rocky, it's Ok. I like you too." I said confessing.
"I thought you liked Riker." Rocky said.
"Sort of but I like you more." I said.
"Oh, so are we a couple?" Rocky asked me.
"I don't know. Do you want to be a couple?" I said.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Rocky asked me.
"Yes." I said while smiling.
"Can I kiss you again?" Rocky asked me.
"Hum, I don't know. I think I like it better when you surprise me." I said being cute.
"Like that?" Rocky asked me after kissing me.
"I was surprised." I said.
"You think we should go in now?" Rocky asked me.
"Yeah." I said. We walked inside and everyone was looking at us like they knew me and Rocky just got together.
"What?" Me and Rocky said at the same time. I sounded like I was guilty. And I was trying to hold in a laugh.
"What do you mean what? We know you two just got together." Ryland said.
"Ryland." Rydel said because I think she didn't want him to say that.
"How'd y'all find out?" I asked them.
"We watched you through the window." Ryland said.
"Oh. Ok." I said. Then we started to pack again.

(Ross' p.o.v)

We have about 5 more minutes until we land.
"Ross?" Mystery said.
"Yeah?" I said.
"Nadia just texted and she said that she's dating Rocky. Which when they showed up I couldn't help but notice Rocky looking at Nadia." Mystery said.
"Really? Wait, I thought Nadia likes Riker." I said.
"Sort of but she likes Rocky." Mystery said.
"Well can you tell her I said congratulations?" I said.
"Yeah." Mystery said. We landed, got off the plane and went in the airport to meet up with Makayla.
"Makayla!" Mystery said while running to give her a hug.
"Hey!" Makayla said while giving Mystery a hug.
"Makayla, this is Ross, my boyfriend." Mystery said.
"Hi, it's nice to meet you." Makayla said.
"It's nice to meet you too." I said. We said our hello, got our stuff, and left to do to Makaylas house. Once we got to her house we unloaded the car and Makayla showed us where we'll be staying.
"I got most of the stuff packed." Makayla said.
"Well we came here to help you." Mystery said.
"How's Nadia?" Makayla said after smiling.
"Oh, when we we're on the plane, Nadia texted and she said that her and Rocky are dating." Mystery said.
"No way." Makayla said.
"Rikers doing fine." Mystery said.
"What? I didn't ask about Riker." Makayla said.
"You know i know you like him." Mystery said.
"Wh-what? No." Makayla said like she was hiding the truth.
"Really?" I asked Makayla.
"Y-Yes." Makayla stuttered.
"You like my brother?" I asked.
"Yes, I've liked him for a while." Makayla said.
"Well, when he meets you I'm pretty sure he'll like you to." I said.
"Really?" Makayla asked.
"Yeah." I said.
"Just be yourself." Mystery said.
"Ok. Should we start packing?" Makayla said.
"Yeah." Me and Mystery said at the same time.

Skip three hours

"Wow, I have more stuff than I thought." Makayla said.
"Not as much as me and Nadia." Mystery said.
"You don't." I said.
"Who don't?" Mystery asked.
"Makayla doesn't have a lot of stuff, you do." I said clarifying.
"See? I have too much stuff." Mystery said.
"If your boyfriend says you have to much stuff than I think you do." Makayla said.
"Don't worry, I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff because we're moving." Mystery said.
"For all of us to live in one house, you definitely have to eliminate." I said.
"We know that." Mystery and Makayla said at the same time which was freaky.
"Woah, Telepathy doesn't exist." Makayla and Mystery said at the same time.
"Mystery?" I said.
"Yeah?" Mystery said.
"Are you Ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, that was weird but I'm Ok." Mystery said.
"Makayla, are you ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, Thanks for asking." Makayla said.
"Don't mention it." I said.
"Are y'all hungry?" Makayla asked.
"Sort of. Why?" Mystery said.
"We can go to McDonald's." Makayla said.
"I can do McDonald's." I said.
"Mystery?" Makayla said.
"Sure, why not?" Mystery said.
"So y'all wanna go know?" Makayla asked.
"Yeah." Mystery said. We got in the car and headed to McDonald's.

(Rikers p.o.v)

I'm really happy for Nadia and Rocky, even though I kinda had a crush on Nadia but she's with my brother and I'm happy for both of them. Time had flew by, it was 8:02.
"Thank you guys so much for helping me." Nadia said.
"No problem." I said.
"By the looks of it, I think we only have one more day and we can be done with packing." Nadia said.
"If that's true, you can show us around town." Rydel said.
"I can show you the places I know. Mystery grew up here and I've only lived here for about 2 year." Nadia said.
"Hey, if you, Mystery, and Makayla wants to we can go to a Maroon 5 concert when we get to L.A." Ryland said.
"Really? Makayla loves their songs but not as much as y'alls and Mystery loves their song Don't wanna know." Nadia said.
"Great, I'll tell them you said yes." Ryland said.
"I think I'm gonna go to sleep. Night." Ellington said.
"I think we all want to go to sleep." Rydel said speaking for all of us. We all went to bed and couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.👋😀

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