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((I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore))
Marciline Timons
5th year
House: Slytherin
Subjects: all required
Likes: Reading, and friends...
Dislikes: being judged
Personality: kind, caring, tough, abitious, fast thinker, will do most anything to get what she want except hurt people she cares about
Wand: Length: 12 3/4 in Wood: English Oak Core: Dragon heartstring Flexibility: Slightly Springy
Bloodline: none (muggleborn)
Animagus: phoenix
Potronus: Raven
Bio: Marcy grew up very much alone her parents were always very bussy with work and she didn't have any friends since she was home schooled and was not aloud to leave the yard. When she got her Hogwarts letter she was so excited! Her parents where reluctant to send her but she convinced them eventually.
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how do you get sorted

HI! I'm back sorry i just left at random...

How do get shorted?

Hi, I'm new here... how do I start?

Can't wait till practice! are we going to have a scrimmage game?

name: Shane Schenck
year: first
house: Gryffindor

today was so stressful. why did professor Binns assign us a 7 page long essay about centaur segregation?

Name: Lydia Wei
Year: First
House: Ravenclaw

I left my potions homework on the quidditch field. I forgot to pick it up after practice.
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