2 in one day Kath - You are the clubhouse leader.  Can I make a suggestion before you go much further.  Maybe just create a single Ballarat Numeracy Group and then you can create sections such as EMU within it.  Then you are only asking you Maths people to join a single community but they can access the areas that are of relevance to them

Below are the questions from NUMERACY LEADERS DAY:

Please comment if questions were dealt with effectively. The question on Power Standards is the one we were going to have some further dialogue around. How about after the Professional Learning Communities Day on November 7th we meet at Mitchell Harris Wine Bar  38 Doveton Street Ballarat to continue the conversation?

·       How can you make sure all teachers are collecting and recording data properly? 
·       How can we make it more purposeful? e.g. Guiding our teaching
·       How to best use the data from PAT-M
·       If you were running a PLT after PAT-M had been conducted in your school, what do you think would be the most effective ways to use these results?
·       How are schools recording data for each student so it provides a picture of the student’s growth across the years? (including interventions)
·       How can student’s data be recorded from year to year?                
·       How is assessment data logged and stored from year to year?
·       SPA? Student Assessment History-PAT –online
·       How do you go about developing / choosing “POWER STANDARDS” at each level, that you commit to all students achieving?
·       Is there a school here that has made a strong shift towards using “Stepping Stones’ more effectively?  School wide?
·       Is any school here using a combination of Stepping Stones and iMaths? (School wide)

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PAT maths 4 which is new  http://www.acer.edu.au/tests/patmaths

And a  message from Julia Inglis about PAT 4 maths online:
At the moment, there are no immediate plans to put PAT Maths 4 online.   There might be a version  introduced next year but there is nothing concrete in place. The main reason for this centres around the plan to move away from putting paper and pencil tests straight online.  There is the idea to take advantage of the possibilities of a more interactive assessment.
The current online version of PAT Maths is mapped against version 3 of the Australian curriculum.  This means on the reports the strands are still in  Number, Measurement, Chance and Data and Space.  However when you click on the individual questions, it has the AC links in Measurement, Geometry, Number, Algebra, Statistics and Probability.
For ease of testing (due to the reported difficulties that young students can have in circling or colouring in the correct answer on a separate sheet), the decision has been made to use the booklets at Year 1 and Year 2.
Julia Inglis

Link to decimal and fraction interview, we do not have access to the online interview, however we can print off and use the interview with individual children.


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Hi Folks, After our last meeting I thought we could start up a group to communicate regularly and organise getting together. What do you think?
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