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There is an initiative to port the open source professional video editing software UltraDV, over to the Haiku API.

Someone has already chipped in with enough money to pay Dario to make it compile on Haiku. But that is the easy part, as it was originally developed for the BeOS. Converting it from using the old BeOS API to the newer more powerful Haiku API will take another couple of weeks work.

If we raise $550, we can hire Dario to do a weeks fulltime work, but if we raise $1100 he will be able to work for two weeks.

It would be great to see this powerful app in HaikuDepot.

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Analysis of Haiku Operating System

#Haiku is a free and #opensource operating system for PC, designed to be binary compatible with the #BeOS operating system, and embodying the basic ideas of BeOS. It's a modular system with the hybrid-kernel architecture - microkernel architecture capable of dynamical module linking.

Part1 Part2

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There is work going on to get Haiku's UI to scale better

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I have started a x86_64 repository. I noticed in the mailing list the other day that this was the second most downloaded format after x86_gcc2h, so I just had to see what it would take. All apps are recompiled on a dedicated x86_64 partition, not cross-compiled. Except scripts and stuff that don't require recompiling.

Don't get your hopes up. Most of it is fonts and icons, and lots of little CLI utilities written in C, which recompile easily. Recompiling 20-year old BeOS apps will take someone with actual C++ chops. I've had some success in porting QT apps, though. This is a side-project to my main repo, and will be that for a long time. Expect glitches. Report glitches!

If you have an x86_64 partition up and running and you want to have a look:
pkgman add-repo

Contributions always welcomed:

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OK, I have pulled the trigger on this ebook. I am actually still waiting for a reply from bbjimmy (PM on the yab forum for you). If he disapproves, appendices 1 and 2 may need to be taken out. But here's my Christmas present to the community.

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About a Year and 1/2 ago. Before the Stoke and other miladies struck, I started a project to update the IBM Mainframe running BeOS 4 in VM mode to support 60 Radio Stations.  What my wife and I finally got them to agree to, for today's 80 Radio Stations Support and Programming is this.
1) Upgrade to IBM Blade Server.
Can run Linux
Two PowerXCell 8i processors at 3.2 GHz
Up to 32 GB of DDR2 SDRAM RAM memory
Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
Expansion slots for SAS daughter card, InfiniBand 4X DDR daughter card and 8 GB uFDM Flash Drive

2) Haiku Alpha 2 (Which still runs the Stock BeOS Apps they're using in VM). It keeps them running while Haiku development continues. :-)

3) And ZevenOS as Primary OS. The Alpha Test works well. I've got a version running on my Server.
It Looks like this.

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Anyone intrested in going to a North American Haiku conference?

The proposal is to host it in the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, located between Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia.

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