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There is an initiative to port the open source professional video editing software UltraDV, over to the Haiku API.

Someone has already chipped in with enough money to pay Dario to make it compile on Haiku. But that is the easy part, as it was originally developed for the BeOS. Converting it from using the old BeOS API to the newer more powerful Haiku API will take another couple of weeks work.

If we raise $550, we can hire Dario to do a weeks fulltime work, but if we raise $1100 he will be able to work for two weeks.

It would be great to see this powerful app in HaikuDepot.

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LibreOffice is available for Haiku (only 64 bit for now)

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Read an Interview with Dante Alighieri (imaginary) in
Sharing a Haiku for Dante Alighieri in

Haïku can use by my mother for libre office calc and flash game on old computer ?


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My first screen shot of Haiku OS.

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Any people want create an french haïku os G+ ?

Witch would like ePub haïku doc conversation?

I propose do it...

Can I use haïku for recording radio test for send to an associative radio ?

And how and witch software and material ?


No french haïku g+ community ?

Where can i speak in french about haïku ? Appair irc ?

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