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Aiden Pearce: Thanks for Letting me Join xd

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Name: rayman
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Species: unkown
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Name: Roselia "Rosie" Flora Shaolin

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Echidna

Alignment: Good

Style: Tomboy & Sporty

Fur & Hair Color: Pink

Skin Color: Tan (Arms: Pink; Birth Defect)

Body Attributes:
Dragon Skin - Impervious to blades and bullets; skin can't get cut or pierced but I still feel the pain. This helps for avoiding bloody rights.

Eye Color: Light Blue

Regular - Blue tank top shirt, Blue sweatpants, White armbands, Green Sneakers and a White headband.
Fighting/Sparring - White headband, Navy Blue martial arts gi with black belt.

Team Wonder Warriors - Rosie the Echidna (Leader-Speed), Raptor the Dragon (Fly), Vanill the Squirrel (Power)
Knothole Freedom Fighters

- A bit carefree

Super Speed - I have the ability to run at top speeds nearing the speed of sound. I'm not as fast as Sonic but I can keep up with him, decently.
Chaos Energy - I have slight traces of Chaos Energy inside of my body that I can use for attacks, teleportation and transforming with the seven Chaos Emeralds or Mega Chaos Emerald.
Aura Manipulation - Through my childhood years of training with my family, I gained the power to wield positive aura energy. It can serve many purposes including means of attack, resistance to mind control, and eventually telekinesis and the time stopping effects of Chaos Control when it gets stronger, healing and filling allies with energy.
Ninja Techniques - Many years of Ninjutsu training enabled me to be able to perform basic and advanced ninja moves such as invisibility, substitution, and short term cloning.

Martial Arts Expertise - is highly skilled in many forms of martial arts (including Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Barehanded Ninjustu, Jeet Kune Do, Capoeria and Judo)
Quick Reflexes - After many years of martial arts training, I can react to attacks at a abrupt rate, as well as launch fast attacks back.
Espionage Skills - Through my Ninjustu training, I know how to use the environment to my advantage and apply stealth for spying on others and for sneak attacks, through I rarely do it.

Main Fighting Style: Taekwondo and Ninjustu

Main Weapons/Tools :
Aura Sword - The weapon of my attribute. Made of pure, pink aura energy. It's entirely pink, from top to bottom, and it glows brightly. The aura is positively charged so it doesn't cut through skin, which makes it safe to train with. I don't use it often but it's really useful.
Aura Bow Staff - A bow staff made out of pure, pink, positive aura energy.  It can do faster and swifter after attacks than the sword but it has lower power.  But it's a lot more fun to use!
Mega Chaos Emerald- A two-toned, pink and green, personally-made relic of my home dimension, given by the Elder Emerald and enfused with unique Chaos Energy, that reacts to my aura, specifically, and allow me to transform into my Shinobi Form.

Chaos Transformation: I harness the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and transform. My fur turns gold and my aura powers and speed enhance drastically.

Shinobi Transformation: I only need one Chaos Emerald for this form. I tap into my inner rage (believe me, I can get seriously angry) and use the power of my Mega Chaos Emerald to convert my rage into power, but I don't lose myself in the process (in other words, I don't turn evil). I transform/mega evolve with explosive force. My fur turns dark pink, my hair grows a bit longer, my arms grow two white spikes on both sides and usually fight with my enhanced aura sword in this form. My speed and power is upgraded but not as much a my Chaos Transformation, but still brutally powerful. I can also fly in this form.

-Martial arts
-Helping Friends
-Hanging with Sonic (he's my idol)
-Teaching friends martial arts
-Being a hero
-Playing video games
-Meteor showers
-Sparring with her friends and training
-Honest Work
-Peaceful days
-Friendly rivalry

-Not being able to use martial arts (major pet peeve)
-Friends getting hurt or hurting a friend by accident
-Not keeping contact with her 6 sisters

Friends: Sonic and his friends, Raptor, Vanill

Enemies: Fiona the Fox, Scourge the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman, evildoers

Favorite Foods: Angel Cake, Angel Hair Pasta, and Sushi



She was born in the "Hidden Emerald" Dimension of Mobius where its inhabitants worship peace and martial arts. Rosie worked hard in her Ninjustu training nonstop as a child, without ever giving up, but she wasn't really a strong fighter and lost in sparring matches all the time. Heck, she didn't even have any powers back then. After an incident, where she got ambushed by a rogue dojo, out in a open field, and became seriously injured, she was rescued by a Winged Regal Dragon named Raptor. She was brought back to her family and her injuries were treated back to full heath. Afterwards, Raptor had an idea that involved Rosie's family to combine their attributal auras with his magic to form a new power for Rosie. They agreed and soon, Rosie was no longer the weak little fighter and became the Shinobi of Aura. Afterwards, Rosie completed her Ninjustu training and taught herself Taekwondo. She also learned Karate from her sister, Shaolina, and Kung Fu from her sister, Haze. Rosie became a formidable martial artist and forged a team with Raptor, and his incredibly strong little sister, Vanill the Squirrel, known as the Wonder Warriors. She had everything she could've asked for but still didn't have a goal in life. That's when she found out about Sonic the Hedgehog. After reading about him, from a book in the Hidden Emerald Dimension Library, she became fascinated of his heroic actions and strength to conquer evil. Rosie starts to idolize Sonic and wanted to meet him in person and ask him to allow her to fight along side him with his team and protect the planet. She explained her discovery to her family and elaborated on her newly found goal to meet her blue hedgehog idol. With her family's blessing Rosie bidded a temporary farewell to her family and beloved teammates and set off on a journey to main world Mobius to meet her hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Theme: "Reach for the Stars" Cash Cash

Favorite Song: "We Can" Ted Poley and Tony Harnell
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Hey guys plz join this community you can RP as an official character or as an OC

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Name: miles prower
Nickname: tails
Age: 13
Species: fox
Gender: male
Likes: building fighting flying adventure
Dislikes: eggman
Bio: I'm a orange two tail fox who can fly and very smart and best friends with sonic the hedgehog
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Name: Bunny d' Coolette
Age: Unknown
Gender: female
Relationship Status: married
Personality: sweet,kind,southern
Likes: Her husband, fighting, is apart of the freedom fighters
Dislikes: mean people, enemies
Species: Mobian/Rabbit

Powers: Super strength
Built-in Arm Cannon
Extendable arm and legs
Martial arts knowledge
Booster rockets in legs for self-propelled flight
Forcefield generators

Bio:She suffered severe injuries and the only way to save her life was by having parts of her body replaced with cybernetics by Professor Charles the Hedgehog
She is a Mobian cyborg rabbit, the wife of Antoine D'Coolette

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Name: Rouge
Age: 18
Species: Bat
Likes: Chaos Emarlds,Shadow or Knuckles, Shiny things
Dislikes: Being caught, No chaos emarlds
Rouge is a strong-minded young woman, a fearless, treasure-hunting, ambitious, independent, flirty, ruthless, calculating narcissist who most people see as only caring for herself and her gems. It is shown in Sonic Generations that Rouge can be referred to a temptress, due to her flirtatious and selfish ways. Her carefree and playful attitude can be fun or even annoying for the other characters of the series, especially Knuckles. She has a lot of pride and starts to fight dirty when facing a superior opponent, such as Knuckles (when it comes to power) or Tails (when it comes to flight). She can also show a bashful side, such as the time Knuckles saved her life from falling into her doom and became very embarrassed before disguising it with disgust and outrage. 

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thanks for promoting me :)

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Name: Buns rabbot

Biographical overview
Age 17
Nickname Buns, Anti-Bunnie
Species Rabbit

Gender Female
Height 104 cm (3ft 5in)
Weight 48 kg (12 lbs)
Color scheme Golden
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Attire Omega Care Unit Purple/black sleeveles top Black suit and hat (formerly)
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral
Likes Julian Kintobor, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose 
Dislikes Scourge the Hedgehog, Anti-Amy Rose, Her Robotic Suit (The Omega Care Unit), Anyone who poses as a threat to Kintobor.
Powers and abilities
Skills Martial arts skills, metal working, hair dressing, Quick-hardening riot foam, Sound waves, Basic combats

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Hello im Skyler im a nice guy and sweet person
19 years old
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