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We do not chase clients around for something that may be wrong. We expect our family will take care of the situation Internally. This is not meant to be scary. we here ignore most things and my intent was that we take care of things internally and so far have zero faults.
Facklers! There is land available inside Facklerland.
Bring in your friends! We have the least rules and cheapest regions, IMO.
Any scripts that work in OS work here.

Please IM me for upgrades, rentals.

I was asked recently if there was a way for someone to help with costs.
All certainly may, working out details on how is Kami's department and will not be publically posted. Please IM her or myself here for details.

We could for sure use help but we're not fixing to close the server unless forced to.

AJ Fackler

So, we trudge forward.....
Remember that we're still looking for renters here... We have even a quad that is away from mainland in case someone needs more space.
We do not regulate activity on these lands that we do normally on mainland. Which is very limited to start with.

The 'quad' is completely private. If one owner, we ask no questions and do not visit. If you own a quarter, you can be moved to privacy and fear no interruptions as usual.

sooooooo! Before you even get started, SL and OS are a 3D chat program. Acting Social is voluntary here ( we do not enforce being happy or even sad. We might contact you if you're open to conversation and upset. If you're not receptive, we discontinue any contact until you initiate.

It's 2017!!!
Well, almost.. What are your plans for this year?
Soo many builds to complete! I think between Kami and I we can get some done. If you wish to help, just say so!

Remember to comment to Kami about the landing point, so lovely and she worked so very hard!!!
Great job baby!


What do you all play?
The Facklers (AJ) , when not at home, play LotRO,
Fallout, Farcry, BF (way too many to mention).
Your turn!

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This is sill available for work...
Started a build and cannot complete it due to my bad hands.
It's at: region: Kailam Dugout at: 90,128,501
It's in a box (not linked, if you take a copy remember to open edit before dropping it on land). I'd love to see it finished, if you do please let me know so I can have a look :) It's all perm of course. I named it Club Monolith, but whatever you want.
Not just in a box. It's live to tour... My DUH!
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I'm a builder. Unfortunately my hands have gradually failed me, many can relate. It doesn't stop me from trying.
This is a new build I recently started, no idea if I'll ever finish it...

Asking for a copy is not a sin ;)
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