staying on the side of wall waiting for my friends to show up ((Open RP))

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NAME Charlotte (Lottie)
AGE 16
SPECIES Cocker Spaniel
FAMILY No known family members

LIKES hot tea, cocoa, white chocolate, strawberries, good books, rainy days, cool colors
DISLIKES: cold coffee, wet snow, smudged eyeliner, ripped lace

Lottie's a bit too much of an introvert, so making friends is hard (sometimes almost painful). She likes art and numbers, and isn't very good with words. She can usually be found in the back of the classroom or tucked away in the library with a book; not that you'd notice her without actively looking for her (maybe not even then). She has a sweet, caring nature, though her shyness tends to hide it.

eating a sanwhich and drawing anime
((open rp) )

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Teacher: hello class and today we have-
Abby: walks in yeah we know EVERYONE knows what your gonna say next! So don't even say it! sits alone

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Name: Abby
Age : 14
Personality: serious
Gender: female
Grade: 9
Type: hedgehog
Bio: Abby doesn't really like anyone at all but she sometimes she has a soft spot. Even though she really doesn't like to do anything she likes to do something's: study, read, basicly anything that has to do with paper,pens and work. Alexis tries to make her some friends but Alexis is the only friend Abby has. Abby just wants to be alone and study

Oh if this place is dead I have a cummunity I'm in worth going to

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Name:Decker mitchell
Bio:highly classified

sitting alone in art class, I finish my project and sighs 

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sitting alone in a class room starts thinking of Eli.....

Apologizing in advance for my RP style, it's kinda not like everybody else's.

Fuyuki sat on the table in front of Caven, tapping a pencil on the table. "So, you do this, write the formula, and then cross check it against—" she was cut off by a piece of pizza hitting her in the face.
"FOOD FIGHT!" somebody yelled, sending the lunchroom into an uproar.
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