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WearFaces runs now on the official watchface API

I rewrote the whole watchface engine to support the official watchface API. You get sweeping second hands, better ambient mode, battery improvements and customization directly from the Android Wear companion app.

Please be sure to have at least Android 5.0.1 on your watch.

Find all the watchfaces on:

Get the App free: (version 1.28)

Expect more in near future! 


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Here's my first ever standalone Google Play watch now available:

Piermont Pilot only .99 cents 💵💴💶💷💱


This watch face has a fantastic glow that is almost unparalleled for an ANDROID WEAR compatible watch face devices. When set to SLOW GLOW mode, watch face will begin going into ambient mode at sunset & while lume glows brighter & brighter, watch face background gets darker & darker. Then as sunrise appears, it reverses the process and slowly returns to normal mode.



1. NORMAL - Ambient mode when inactive
2. ALWAYS ON - Always in ambient mode
3. OFF - Never ambient mode
4. DIM AFTER SUNSET - When inactive, displays ambient mode only after sunset and stays in ambient mode until sunrise
5. SLOW GLOW - After sunset, increases intensity of ambient mode until sunrise, then gradually goes back to no ambient mode.

TAP 9 O'CLOCK - To cycle through 3 levels of additional dark filters. Good for when display is too bright in a dark setting.

TAP 1 O;CLOCK - To start second hand moving for stopwatch
TAP 11 O'CLOCK - To reset stopwatch

RIGHT DIAL - Tracks how many minutes have passed in stopwatch mode time

BOTTOM DIAL - Displays 24 hour or military time

BATTERY METER - Display on left side of watch. Shows watch battery level

Compatible with most Android Wear smart watches

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Hi guys.. I'm new to this community ...I'd like you say, this community has some great talent and I'm happy to be a member and show my original Creations here if that OK...

Thank you
Peter Antonio
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Futureproof 2 - The next in line - For WatchMaker Premium

- Individual Animations
- Color Options
- 12/24hr time
- Date
- Battery
- Current Temperature

New features coming soon

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Muy bien la aplicacion me gustaria nuevas wartfaces gravias

I have a watchface question. I have a gen 2 Moto 360 and love it, but whenever I make a watchface with an analog clock and it goes dim, the hands stop moving. These are just simple clocks without intensive graphics but no matter what I do, the hands won't function in dim mode. Everything is fine when it is bright though.

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This Time gauge watch face has the unique feature of switching the dial horizontally and vertically ,just try this ‪#‎moto360‬ ‪#‎gearlive‬ ‪#‎smartwatch‬
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