hi bro, :)

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016

See you in Yogyakarta :D

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Dear ALL
We will have openSUSE.Asia Summit this year.
openSUSE board agree and support this year.
We plan to have openSUSE.Asia Summit in Beijing.
Time:  18th - 19th, Oct 2014

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Go Geeko! Meetup @ Tokyo 
In Tokyo, we (+Masahiko Hashimoto +Naruhiko Ogasawara ) had a dinner with +Koushik Kumar Nundy. It was good opportunity to feel openSUSE is a global open source project.

Koushik, please enjoy Japan before leaving!

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There are reasons we use fcitx. and here's one of them:

Personally I can't endure any ugly thing, so here's what I'm working on today...

Is it worthy calling an update stack for mozc? +Fuminobu Takeyama 

While working for 12.3, I thought we need consider how to  maintain OBS project and keep the quality of packages...

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GNUnify at Pune on February 15, 16 and 17. Lets have an openSUSE presence there.

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I am collecting a list of LUGs and technology groups around the world, if you have a contact or mailing address, please fill up this form


Hi All, Lets decide on a purpose :
I personally feel Localization and Documentation can be a good topic, 
What do you guys feel?
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