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RAK rules:

If you are in this group you are sharing your love of crafts or are looking to get started. You do not have to join the RAK list but if you wish to please send your name, address, email, and what you do/want to do to

You will be added to the list and will receive a copy of this list and it will be color coated. Green means you have three months to send, Yellow means two months to send something, and Red means you have until the end of the month to send or be removed from the list. This list will be sent the first of each month. You can send materials or completed gifts to someone else on the list. Doesn't matter what kind of crafts you do...just share.

When you send a RAK, post the tracking number from your receipt in the "sent rak" tab, when you receive a rak please post in the "thanks for the rak" tab and post a thank you with a pic of your rak and tell who it is from. This helps keep up with who has sent and who has not. I need to see this to add to the list.

Please feel free to refer your friends to the group.

Starting my RAK list. Who wants on it?

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Thank you for the invitation to the community! I look forward to seeing what everyone is working on. Here is a recent post of mine.
I've started making Christmas presents!

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Traditional Pysanky Eggs
No varnish.
Traditional Pysanky Eggs
I forgot to sand them first.  :?

#pysanky   #pysanka   #eggart   #macrophotography  
2 Traditional Pysanky Eggs 2014
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Thank you for inviting me !!

Please read the pinned post. If you would like on the RAK list please send me an email with the info in the pinned post.

Thanks for the invite!!! I love to crochet!!! and to do seasonal crafts with my 3 year-old.I haven't had much time for much lately . But I always manage to crafts something. Looking forward to sharing our projects. 

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Thanks for inviting me +Charity Tipton ! :)
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