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Started the FL Web Sci Mooc yesterday and am finding it really interesting. It has got my mind wandering about all sorts of things but mostly how much of our lives rely on the web (below is my post on how the web interacts with my life). It has also got me thinking about more serious issues like what might happen if the web just suddenly vanished? In ten years or so we could be so reliant on the web that if someone is planning a terrorist attack for future then taking the whole of the web out could seriously disrupt life around most of the world and could potentially be devastating. If you question that thought think about how much of  your life is ruled via the web now and how fast that has changed. Scary isn't it?

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Anybody remember GEM? 

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What Happens In An #Internet Minute? Any Idea When We Take This Discussion In Terms Of #Online Tech  World. Here Is The Answer :-
About 2 million search queries are sent to #Google in one internet minute, about 1.3 million video views and 30 hours of video uploading takes place every 60 seconds. In a span of one internet minute (60 seconds), about 1,300 new #Mobile users are added. [REPORT]   

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Thanks to all of you for your contributions to #FLwebsci.
I hope this powerful illustration of the power of the web wows you as much as it has me.

Big thanks to Simon for setting-up and maintaining this Google+ Group :)

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Came across this timeline today. Not exactly the timeline exercise from a few weeks back, but interesting tool and some relevance to this MOOC.

Just finished this great MOOC. Although I considered myself Web savvy, this course has really expanded my horizons, and has really whetted my appetite to investigate further.
Another bonus has been this community, and I will now hopefully have time to go back over the posts and take a look at some of the many resources highlighted there.
Finally, many thanks to Simon for creating this community, and to everyone who has contributed so enthusiastically.

Merry Christmas!

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5 ★ Open Data of Tim Berners-Lee.

Examples for each step of the stars and costs and benefits that come along with it.

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(Digital) Photography
Completely off topic, not a novelty, I read this Guardian piece this morning - "The death of photography: are camera phones destroying an artform?" ( Reminded me of the very first BBC Radio 4 Digital Human episode on "Photography" ( A great start to a great series on the digital life ( Highly recommended.

This #FLwebsci post about capturing everything digitally may also be of interest -

And the subject of capturing images on mobile phones which are then used by broadcasters was mentioned in this talk by Euan Semple (one of my fave speakers/authors on the subject of social media) - (the specific clip starts 6:28).

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Could The Road To The "Dark Web" Be The Right One? By @michaelgrothaus vía @FastCoLabs
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