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Hi, we are glad to announce the 1.0.2 beta release of the Spike pentesting distribution.

Major changes:
Kernel 3.19.4
introducing new artwork
Introducing new flavors
fixing some pentesting tools
reworked binary tree
Added new mirror, thanks to garr to support us!

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Past weeks we've been working VERY hard on giving our images the love they deserve. We introduce new artwork! New features (primus for Nvidia users) and some other cool features. Stay tuned for more!

Thanks to the new people (and energy) in team we've been able to make a rock solid "release" that we are still testing. Here is a screenshot of MATE (work in progress).

A few technical details:
- Cleaned up skel.
- Moved settings where possible to artwork packages, away from skel.
- Split up artwork packages, introduce new e.g. sabayon-mate-artwork
- Prepared Sabayon for Plasma 5
- new GCC 4.9.2 (not being forced by install yet, but it is there)
- We drank many beers.

Big thanks and warm welcome to +Ettore Di Giacinto and +Francesco Ferro 

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working on bumping qt4-fsarchiver (gentoo devs have me @ QA Overkill .... (GRRR ) we have core... 
all the extra cowtowing has cost me a bit of time....   , greenbone , openvas for source code scanning , (gentoo ebuild/s stalling it may be my drives beginning to fail  OpenVAS-7/8 is a rather useful too,for digging into source code , Since I'm just a wise ass Engineer and have limited skills in DEV-FOO or dev-ops this automates much of the proof of exploit finding , or seeing if your own sh%^ is full of holes.  ie your unpatched php/&/joomla etc , some simple programs etc , 

Veil-wine ( a set of scripts to build wineprefix for veil evasion and re-create or destroy on demand. and or package the whole mess ) and hopefully in an ebuild format to make it all easy, 
so far this seems to be  one of the easier ones to do,  be warned veil is a king cobra , make a wine prefix , else you CAN INFECT/FRY you wine ..(crash linux host too in some cases ie memory flood) where you have things you love... 

however there's core things to FIX and I have my tentacles into much as it is trying to research packages that may be of use for the community repo or finding dated ones.  and trying my hand at a few ebuilds , sometimes a win sometimes not so much,

mean while trying for new job, Register for classes @ and posibly moving .... unsure if 
 trying to package stuff or fix stuff like a mad hatter before classes/move starts or job which requires LOTS of travel. 

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Forum set up! if you want to be part of the community, propose your ideas, or just share your toughts you are welcome aboard!

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