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Hey, I posted a video of me singing Cake And Sodomy on a channel I just made for Manson vocal covers. It's my first video and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out and left commentson what you thought!

Ok I need help.

So my best friend is named Ben and today he was sad bc he said nobody will ever love him so I wrote him a note that said I love him bc I know that feeling all too well and he said it made him feel a lot better so I was happy

I have identified as a lesbian but now IDK because I think I might have feelings for him which is weird bc he's not even super hot or anything. He's 11 (you'd be surprised at how mature he is), is a fat little meme lord, is shorter than me, and looks like he deadass wants to shoot up the school.

IDK if I should ask him out or not... What do you think?

I need advice. My dad doesn't let me leave the house with my "faggot makeup" as he calls it. If he sees me with it on before school, he makes me take off all my makeup and it takes a lot of time and effort for me to do the gothic looks I want because I am just a begginer so it makes me really upset when I try really hard at something and he tells me I and everyone from the bands I like are failed abortions.

Yesterday, while he was out back smoking, Isnuck out of the house to go to school without him seeing my makeup and when I got home he said I was grounded for 3 months. I'm really tired of all this. What should I do to get him to accept me and stop being a tyrant?

thanks for inviting me :)

de que va esta comunidad solo veo dos comentarios

Hi! Just remember that if you don't want this to be to public, talk to me on hangout! Don't ever worry about something you want me to keep private being exposed.

Hi! Do you need some words of wisdom from a fellow goth/emo? Feel free to ask!
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