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To prepare for Part 3. Construction Drawings and Project Manual,
what would be some of the sources?
I would assume it should be some heavily technical books, at least for subsection Building Systems and their Integration. But I cannot identify any resources in the end of the guide that cover that.
Can you please advise?

Thank you,

Quick question about updating the Cost of Work. I understand that it must done at SD and DD, but is the architect also responsible for updating it at CD's too? I've heard that at CD's it is up to the contractor to provide the cost of work, but I've also heard that it is the architect's responsibility.

Hey y'all. I took my first exam (CDS) on Friday. I know NCARB says it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to get your results. What has been your experience? Sooner? Later? Just curious (/anxious).

Building section was a breeze (as expected) --- Multiple choice was harder than I was hoping for...and I had been taking practice exams for a few weeks...

Passed CDS. 2 4.0 divisions down PPP to go. 9 months and upto 3 attempts to get it done. Here we go.

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Any feedback?

My biggest concern is the plenum depth, duct size is WxD correct? If the plenum is deeper than necessary is that a problem or can I add a cushion for safety?

Thanks for the feedback!

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My first attempt, any comments are appreciated. I did find conflicting information regarding the depth of the footing in the interior bearing wall. One source said to place right underneath slab, other mentioned to match 5'0 depth, any thoughts?
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Hi Everyone! I'm taking CDS this Thursday. How does my vignette look?
Thanks for you input!

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First try here. A couple of questions.

1. Interior footing. Does this go to frost depth? Or is it just a grade beam as I have it shown?

2. The slab, I have heard both ways either above or below the grad line. Which one is it?

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How does this solution look? I see a lot of people extending the non-rated partition up to the top of the 8" clearance rather than stopping it at the ceiling. Is that required?

i need help to start studying for CDs vignettes, i don't know where to begin....i learn visually what videos would you recommend, please help !!!!!
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