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The setting of this roleplay is in the bustling city of Neo-Ceridian. It is a modern-day (slightly futuristic in terms of architecture) cityscape, with social media and technology booming as per usual. However, a collective set of secrets bind this city together, amongst the others that have scattered throughout the civilization.

Humans have gained the secrets of summoning supernatural creatures from a completely different plane of existence. The enigmatic beings that come from this world of the same traits are often referred to as 'demons' in a sense. However, they are as varied and diverse as the realm of human beings. These creatures are able to possess people and objects in the human world, often able to change the appearance of them aswell.

RadioHammer Studios (RHS for short) has figured out a new and revolutionary way to make use of these creatures.

As everyone in the city of Ceridian knows, not all of these creatures have come with a desire to help things in the slightest. And so, the demand for those willing to assist in keeping those creatures in check grows each day.

...So, RadioHammer Studios has begun the process of binding a creature the most common way is to your musical instruments. Most commonly nicknamed, 'Companions' these creatures are the tamable entities from the other world. The musicians that join RHS will gain the ability to not only play music with their instruments, but harness and fight with these creatures as weapons.

Information Links

You don't need to read everything in one sitting, just read whatever information you may need at the time being.


Profile Template:

How to be a mod:

Community Activities:

Locations around town:

The Estate:

Enigma Side (Companions/ Demons):

Enigma Nations and Classification:

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still sad this place died...


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We need to revive this. Is anyone even active anymore

we need to revive this place!

So who wants to rp!

Anyone want to rp with Akuma? Probably gonna be a fight since shes gonna be bombing a large area

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”i’ve got a taser, and i'm not afraid to use it. okay well, actually, i am so please comply.”

Real Name: june hawkins

Age: 16

Stage Name: june.

Personality Traits: she’s quiet and often shy but hell-bent on revenge.

Mental health summary: eh..

Appearance: || Natalia Dyer ||

Family relationships: she ran away at 12 and hasn't spoke to any of them since. her worst relationship is with her sister.

Sexuality: heterosexual

Instrument: piano

Background Summary: her mother died shortly after her birth causing her older sister, Tuesday Hawkins, to blame her for it. the unrelenting blame from Tuesday caused her to eventually run away from home and cut off all connections with them.

Other Skills: she naturally picks up languages

Physical Restrictions: none


Name: Marchosias

Bond Symbol: 「picture provided」

Appearance: a great black wolf with wings and a serpent tail

Behavior: haughty and loyal with a soft spot for june

Abilities: flight and fire manipulation

Weaknesses: his wings are delicate and easily tarnished. he can only breath fire for so long before he has to stop and “recharge”.

About your instrument's weapon form: none

Your Companion's discrete form: a black lab acts as a form Marchosias can be in for daily life.
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Guess I'll type a rp in the morning if anyone is interested in rping with my lil hunny bun c:

The director's son XD
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