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"And know that upon you Hades Misery has befallen you"

Name: Alexander Lucius McCray
Alias: Hades Misery
Age: 17
Height: 6"2
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Golden
Occupation: High School Student, Killer, Poet, Stocker/Bagger
Born: Gotham, NY
Relatives: John and Mary McCray (deceased)
Personality: Alexander tends to be devoid of emotion due to the Curse of the RavenLore. He is use to being alone and tends not to know how to converse with other people, usually killing them when the notion comes upon him.He tends to be depressed alot and aloof, remaining quiet unless forced to speak or the need for conversation arises.

Stars: 5

Powers and Abilities: Due to the Curse of the RavenLore Alexander posses the following powers:

Flame Manipulation: Alexander possesses the ability to produce fire from his hands that is the equivalent intensity of a nova star. Prolong use of this power drains his lifeforce and will put him in a coma like state until he is able to recover which could take up to six hours. He can channel this flame onto anything that is in his possession but if not in his possession the flames will disappear. The flames will never harm him and are cool to him yet not to anyone he turns them upon.

Gliding: Alexander is able to glide for a limited amount of time despite there being any wind to support him, although he can glide for a longer period of time with a good wind.

Strength, Speed, Durability, Stamina, and Reflexes: Alexander has a heighten sense in all of these attributes making him faster, stronger, more durable and quicker than a regular human being. He has been known to go as fast as the speed of sound, be able to lift buildings the size of the Empire State Building without any trouble, able to sense the movements as subtle as the casual flick of a finger at great range, able to move at high speeds for prolonged periods of time, and durable enough to withstand knives, bullets, great falls and bludgeoning damage.

Immortality: Due to the Curse of the RavenLore Alexander can't die and must forever remain in his current body at his current age, this comes at a heavy price and has not been fully figured out yet.

Weakness: Alexander gets manic and cuts himself with his special blade which he names Marie. At these points in time he is highly vulnerable mentally and capable of being badly wounded.

Bio: At a young age Alexander was introduced to magic by his parents who would use him as a lab rat in many of their experiments to find a way to live forever, they stumbled across the fated Curse of the RavenLore which grants immortality. Instead of using this on themselves they decide to test it out on Alexander which devours his soul and possesses him giving him strange and wondrous powers. In a fit of rage at being the constant subject of his parents cruel and unusual  punishment he tortured and killed his parents, taking their house as his own and resuming his normal life as a teenager. He is now possessed with the insatiable thirst to kill along with the lack of emotion as he tries to manage his unbalanced life.
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ok please give tips on how to make this more active

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im realizing that this isnt very active and we have alot of memebers that arent making profiles,what can i do to change these things and make this community better all my fluffs?

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name- nana
age- 14
species- dino!
mate- none
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name- Ryan
age- 17
species- Fox Lynx Hybrid
mate- none I guess
pups- Two from my former Fiancé
mum- Well she's supposedly M.I.A from the wars but I don't know the truth
dad- Runs a private military company and is the reason I'm an only child
likes- i love to sing and write poems
dislikes- false Innocence betrayal
extra stuff- I have a power that freezes water

Name: Brandon
Age: 24
Species: Human
Orientation: Straight
Likes: video games
dislike: bullies

ok well hiya,im the first mod and so im going to say this,please make a profile,we dont have a template to follow or require you to be approved,so please, it could be as simple as name age and species with a pic,just post one so we know who is who,thank you for listening


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I want to Be this furry irl and be happy about it
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