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Our next meeting is tomorrow at Baskervilles in Palmers Green.  

Blog out about Easter Panics and learning to relax.

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Calling out for your blogs!! *  Does anyone know of some *great small blogs to follow and post stuff from? I post from my blog but like to mix it up and promote others as well.

The big boys get posted by everyone - they come through on LinkedIn Pulse and in suggestions on social channles and so on and the little guys never get a chance!

If you know of any or have your own I can check out, then please add the links below - please post full link as don't want spam

Tonight is No Buggy Network Christmas Drinkies at Maze in Southgate!!
Come for fun and networking with glass of wine rather than our usual tup of tea!

Crouch End yesterday and it was a blast apparently lol! I didn't make it with my sickly boy unfortunately.  But a great magazine swap took place anyway!  I've taken Baby Buzz to the ladies and they gave me Little Darlings. Thankfully Twitter helped me to catch up! heehee! Thank you Social Media!

This week we have had 2 great meetings.  One in Baskervilles in Palmers Green and the other in Barnet at Harris and Hoole 0on the hight Street.  Really great meeting talking about everything from Baking and Franchises to of course the The Buggy Academy and our Buggy Con Conference.   ITs great to hear such good feed back! Its really made me push forward with next years workshops and conference even more!.  Watch this space!

Well we had an amazing week this week with the Conference!!  So good that I'll be organising the next one asap for hopefully June!  Congratulations to all the spoke so passionately about what they do and taught us how to work our business to work better for us!  

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Buggy Con Tickets Still available till the end of tomorrow!! Buy your tickets now to up your Social Media education

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My first slide for the Buggy Conference on Thursday....
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