Wow, Wow,Wow The Internet Superstar Has Arrived!

This is what I have been hearing from All Over The World.

Below is a collection of  wonderful experiences shared by Some Members Of Smart Media Technologies.

 "Today I was able to see the real power of Chirps where we were all communicating with each other so effectively. We could not only communicate but also add pictures and videos instantly seen by everyone in our friends list. What a powerful tool that brings all of us so close and gets information spread across everyone so fast."

"Awesome! HPP Smart mail is very easy to use!

Played with Ultra Ball -- Many kids will just love to play this game! -- Smart Media is on the way to greatness!"

"I am demonstrating Smart HPP 2.0 to 20 people and they all shouted I LOVE HPP 2.0!"

"I see the ability to grow any size organization, group or charity with all the tools inside the HPP system in a next generation setting of caring and sharing." 

"David, I must say that you nailed it with both Smart Mail and Smart Discussions and now that they have been created, it is time to watch them grow. 

What Is Meant By The Internet SuperStar?

All these people are referring to HomePagePays website by Smart Media Technologies, USA. 

Smart Media was founded as a social media company with a very unique goal of sharing  advertisement  revenue with the associates of the company who would take part in promoting the company. The method of promotion is also very simple. The company has created a social site.This is to be set as homepage. One has to register & get homepage with his username and pass on the URL with his username to friends. In turn they repeat the same. Every body would do it happily because the site is studded with unique & very useful features, Prizes, Reward Points which can be redeemed to get products from online stores absolutely FREE! This gives an average person who knows how to use Internet an unprecedented opportunity to earn income.

The Company has Embraced Caused  Based Marketing on the principle DO WELL BY DOING GOOD. It has already committed donating 1 % of its Advertisement Banner Revenue to Charity.

Smart Media's Vision of the Future is to have hundreds of millions of people around the world participating in our Fun, Educational, Collaborative social community that is designed to generate numerous streams of profits automatically for its members.
Smart Media will also revolutionize the way that people can give back to the world and Make The World A Better Place.
By doing so, we believe that Smart Media will become one of the great Fortune 500 companies in the technology marketplace and a company whose members are able to make a real, profound difference, both in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Home Page Pays Version 2.0 is an entire Social platform, a Networking platform and our own custom Games and Prize Winning platform. 

Surely, with in short period HPP will become part of our Day  To Day need.

This is The Right Time For Everyone to get HPP either as a Free user Or as a Paid Member to take advantage of this Biggest Opportunity!
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