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Hi everyone,

Today we are publishing a new version of the Xperia Weather application to the open beta! (1.3.A.1.16)
This update contains several bug fixes as well as new features, which are all listed below.

New Features:
- Clock & Weather widget - Our main new feature, as many of you have already seen on pictures from events such as the MWC, we now have a new widget, which will not be replacing the old one. This widget allows you to access clock app by taping on clock part of it on the left, whilst tapping on the weather on the left will take you to our weather app. This widget supports only the current location at the moment.
- No network connection toast - We are now displaying a toast notifying the users of lack of network connection when trying to update weather data

Bug fixes:
- Fixed missing shadow text on weather widget
- Fixed navigation drawer overstretching in multi-window mode
- Inability to find current location was fixed by adapting to new AccuWeather API
- Removed crash that occurred in multi-user mode when switching from guest to owner
- Weather widget contrast was adjusted to display better in snowy weather
- Fixed situations where multiple instances of location permission dialog were displayed
- Removed crash that occurred in multi-window mode after entering the app from the widget
- Fixed screen overlap when keyboard is extended
- Fixed screen turning white and empty when entering search location window
- Fixed text cut off on weather widget in landscape mode
- Fixed UI mess in some languages that were caused due to minus sign being incorrectly localized to languages in question
- Added explanation why some text is in English despite another language being selected in cases where localized text is not available

We would like to thank all of you here for all the feedback you provide us with, you have once again made nice contributions to the quality of our app, and we hope you will like the changes made in this version.

Kind Regards,
Xperia Weather Team

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Suggestion about possibility to switch position/set layout of clock and weather. Hm?

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This info would be fine. BUT devs you just did and do redundant work. If you set transparency to "original app's widget" you could just add possibility to access clock and work done. Now you uselessly wasting your time to do same job twice...😁

Does this widget works one OnePlus One?

The new widget is awesome.
Really love it.
It lacks translation (or at least only in my language).
My device is in Italian, translated it is "Orologio & meteo"

Another thing.
This happens only when geolocation is off.
On the widget if I tap the clock it opens Weather. It opens clock app only if I tap the date.
If I turn on GPS all works flawlessly.
( Xperia M4 Aqua Dual, E2333, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow) 

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Widget doesn't show alarm icon while landscape mode.

It's possible to show alarm time on widget 

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Apologies if this is a well-known issue, but running 1.3.A.1.16, both the app and the widget are showing the Moon when it's nearly 0930 local time (SAST).

Screenshots attached.

Kind regards. 
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HI devs,
Since a couple of updates location labels in the drawer menu are huge.
Please bring back the old ones.
There's lot of empty space, and also with the old ones it was possible to see more cities preview without scrolling.

Would it be possible to add high/low temperature to the new widget or add it as an option?
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