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Hi everyone,

Today we are publishing a new version of the Xperia Weather application (1.3.A.4.4)
This is the second edition of our big update, this one entirely made out of bug fixes and general stability improvements.
Purpose of this release is to determine whether the stability has been brought up to an acceptable level, or is the app still volatile.
Hence, when testing out this update, the focus remains the same as with last one:

1) General app performance and stability. Does it work faster? Slower? Does the app crash or stops responding in some scenarios? If so, which ones?
2) Bug discovering (both old bugs as well as new). Do all features work like you'd expect them to?

- Fixed issue where widget would be updated correctly after minimising content dialogue
- Fixed weather widget opening wrong locations in app when taped on
- Fixed Clock and Weather widget alarm clock icon size in landscape mode
- High accuracy location mode is no longer required to use current location feature
- Fixed current location disappearing when entering app through Clock and Weather widget
- Fixed wrong icons being displayed for some weather conditions
- Fixed a crash which occurred due to wrong icons being displayed for some weather conditions
- Improvements made to accessibility
- Reinstated the missing shadow of navigation drawer
- Fixed weather widget not updating when installing new version of software, when previous version of software contained weather 1.3.A.3.14 or lower

That's all for 1.3.A.4.4. Hopefully, it is stable enough for live release, but if not, we'll find out with your help :)
We would like to thank you all once more for your valuable feedback - keep it coming :)

Kind Regards,
Xperia Weather Team

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Hi devs +Miroslav Stipanović

Bug of not correctly aligned three days forecasts with small font/dpi is not fixed. I attached a screenshot too.


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It was little of weird that I had to confirm again Privacy policy after add Weather and Clock widget to the homescreen. Nevertheless after open Weather app the pane with local weather is empty and Weather and Clock widget was stopped. Screenshots and video record are below.

My device is Xperia XZ Premium
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This is a full train ride from my location

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If I look for the Weather, I can't see full numbers at temperature. I'm using smallest resolution at my new Xperia XZ3. Same on XZ Premium.

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Hi devs! I think there's a bug with the icons: as you see in the picture, it says 30° but there's the snow icon (snow mixed with the rain to be precise). If I open AccuWeather, it says 30°, storm and the icon is effectively the storm one

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Hi +Miroslav Stipanović

What do you think (and designers too) to make the position icon full white as into status bar? Either inside app and colored widget.

Objectively it will look nicer and accords to Android style.
I add a screenshot to well explain.


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My Location is always empty when you check the app and the widget will get no weather update after exiting the app. Local weather forecast is enabled.
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Hi devs +Miroslav Stipanović

As still reported, the new graphic is a step backward regarding the position of detailed info. Especially they are too high and overlap the elements of background (tree etc) in an anesthetic way as screenshot. Before was way better!


Latest version (1.3.A.4.3) is forcing High Accuracy location to retrieve current location.
if you have Battery saving location setting turned on, it will continually prompt you to turn on location settings. If your do not enable High Accuracy, it won't detect current location

downgraded to 1.3.A.3.14 and issue is not present.
I commented on Google play store about this and got advised they made no changes to the location setting but as noted about, previous version works fine so something regressed.
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