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Looks (if pic uses don't worry)
Skin colour
What ship you will be on

RANKS (Lowest to highest)
(More shall be added )

(Please note this will change as we see fit)
Second ship : maduri
First ship: the falcon

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Character: Chaotic good
    ~The ODST Spartan~
"You hear the music, it's time to dance."

Name: Edward A. Buck
Nickname: Buck / Spartan 873
Preferred name: Buck
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Spartan
Powers/AA: Jetpack / Armor Lock / Sprint
Weapons: Custom high caliber/Silenced Battle rifle, Custom high caliber/Silenced Magnum

Power Tier: Building Buster
Melee potency: Super Human ((Can Punch through walls and buildings with ease))
Speed potency: Super Human ((Can sprint a mile in minute without a problem))
Durability: Superior ((Able to receive a tectonic beating but still fight))
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

AA: Bullfrog Jetpacks / Armor Lock / Sprint

A.I: Seraph

Personality: Cocky, Snarky, Clever.
Likes: getting up close and personal, Stealth, Silence, teasing
Dislikes: Random Violence
Weakness: Sniper rifles, sword combat
Strength: Stealth, Melee combat, Rifles/Pistols.
Home: Draco III
Occupation: Spartan
Pet: None
Theme song:
Guild?: UNSC
Class: ODST


Hair color: Dark brown
Hair Style: Fair cut
Hair Type: Short
Eye color: Bright Blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Natural cheek color: Normal
Natural lip color: Normal
Makeup: none
Nails: Normal
Body Type: thin, tall, heavy built
Wing color(s)?: None
Guild mark & Color: UNSC Code
Tattoos?: None
Birthmarks: None

Dad: N/A
Mom: N/A
Brother: None
Sister: None
Spouse: None
Kids: None

Mentor: N/A
Apprentice: None
Friend(s): N/A
Best friend(s): N/A
Team: Fire team Osiris
Enemies: Covenant, Forerunner sentinels
Arch-Enemies: N/A
Rivals: Blue Squad

Item of Interest: once was a ODST fire team leader
Voice Type: Cocky, fair tone
Side: Good
Type: ODST

~Love Life~
Sexuality: Straight
Lover: None
Crush: N/A
Relationship Status?: Single
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Profile: Typhus
Name: Typh / Typhus / ???
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: ??? [Human, seems robotic] ((This guy isn't apart of warframe btw, he's acting as a stand alone character))

Rank: [Rogue]

Weapon/s: SubAtomic Energy traced bladed Kitana ((nearly unbreakable)), Dark matter infused Barrett °75 cal. Sniper ((can pierce intense armor))

Skills: Amazing skills with his Sword, Can predict attacks ((doesn't work 100% of time)), insainly fast and has pin point accuracy.

Family: ???

Looks: Wears a full suit of highly flexible, yet reinforced armour. He nearly never reveals his face, if he does he would have to kill you. He can channel a bright orange energy from his armour that shines bright when he's charging a special attack.

Height: 6'8
Skin colour: ???
Eyes: Bright orange
Hair: ???
Scars: Across chest and over left eye

Bio: A silent being with an unknown origin, some type of goal unrealized until Typhus is realized himself. His mastery of his blade and rifle make him a match against most to all opponents though he tends to stay neutral unless threatened. ((More story will be revealed as I rp))

Personality: Silent, nearly never speaks a word unless needed to / Timid and isolated he has poor social skills and tends to always avoid matters he doesn't understand / Increasingly aggressive and can be a danger to nearly any enemy whether in or out of battle / tends to never strike first in his fallowing of his code.

ship: The A.R.C.H. a very small but incredibly capable ship, equipped with advance weaponry, high armor, and a cloaking system that makes him nearly undetectable.

Crew: Though he tends to travel alone he does recruit those he finds worthy.
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Typhus would cross his arms silently

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Typhus Omega form

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Typhus glares at you flexing silently, a rose taped to his helmet's mask and the word SEXY across his chest

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Name: gordiant
Age: around 21 (not irl age)
Gender: male
Race: human
Rank: not assigned 
Weapons: a flaming gunsword (a assault rifle that also functions as a flaming sword)
Skills: good at parkour,good sword fighting skills and quick to get around
Pet: a doge
Family: none
Height:-idk how tall a titan fall pilot is-
Skin color: ???
Eyes: ???
Hair: ???
Scars: none
Bio: N/A
leaving the skin,eyes and hair blank as ill probably never take off the armor or helmet
[ship not assigned]

just stands there doing nothing,waiting for orders

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sits down at the Falcon common rooms and looks at a picture of me
(Open Rp for people who joined the Falcon)

Taylor would be sitting on the Madurai thinking
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