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Name: Soldier 412
Age: 38
Skills: Trained to live in all terrains, repair any vehicle, to use a most weapons made by humans, and set up traps.
Bio: A soldier trained to hunt and complete attacks alone. With a problem in North Yodes, the General thought it would be a great test for me to hunt down some "Non-Humans" for them to research.
Personal Weapon: Laser rifle, Laser Sniper, some trip wires, and a pistol.

im walking through some rubble with my p-90 up to my shoulder when I hear a noise I spin around and point my gun at you who are you!? And why are you following me?!? (Open rp)

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name: Keirka
skills: close combat, sharp shooting, tactical warfare, assassination
weapons: silenced Dragunov, P-90, Glock 13, throwing knives, tomahawk, frag grenades, and stun grenades
class: mercenary
backstory: after seeing her whole family killed in front of her at the age of 6 she was kidnapped and trained as a mercenary. after years o working under her families killers she finally revolted and took out the whole mercenary group. after that she became a freelance mercenary, selling her guns to the highest bidder

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Name: Trent Briggs
Age: 29
Skills: CQC and technical
Personal weapon: Vector CRB
 Bio:  Trent was a city boy, he lived in Alexandria for most of his childhood, besides going camping in the country with his cousins. Trent worked in the M.E.S. (Militaristic Employment services) at age 25. The M.ES. was a mercenary-based company funded by the united states military, who go where the military cannot and for a higher paygrade. After being honorably discharged from the military he was offered a spot on one of the M.E.S. teams. Though, when the eater outbreak happened everybody else was on mission while he was taking the day  off to visit his family. When the bridge was closed off he tried to contact them but was not able to. After returning to his local barracks to find his squadmates butchered, he grabbed his gear and set out.
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