Just to be absolutely certain, the link we are sharing with Keeler is the link to our group slides activity?

Also, we are missing 2 people's slides there.

Guys I am really confused about the Slides Activity.. Do we just create an activity ourselves that includes the standards?

Can you guys post your numbers below? I can make a GroupMe for quick communication!

So are we individually adding our own slides or making one as a group?

Hey a bit late but was busy and have class soon so won't be able to start the slide till later. I'm still a bit confused about the assignment. Oh and I'm a math major graduating May and starting my credential next semester. Oh Just and FYI I'm pregnant, which shouldn't affect our group as long as we keep it mostly online.

I just finished the bulk of the slide, and I was wondering if you'd be able to look it over to see if I'm doing it right? Please tell me if you have any suggestions or comments about it! :)

Common Core, are you for it? Or against? Do you feel as lost as I do when I look at the style tests that they now have?
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