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What say you? Is this possible? Is it a matter of how you compose the tests/benchmark? If it's true, then why is Rust faster than C++ and even more secure? What could be done on the C++ side to correct that?
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Good Night Everybody, my name Tri, I'm from Indonesia, I'm a student,
I have some problem on my programs c++, I use codeblocks software to make it, I think all my code I wrote is true, but I have message "fatal error" when I run it, I hope everybody can help me, and give me some knowladge,
I'm sorry if all my language is wrong, because I cann't speak English so good, Thank You Friends 😊

This is mu programs and the message
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All these friends in classes, but I have no classes with friends! Freshmen problems.

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Not code related, but it is stunning what can be done nowadays with C++. In use here is a realtime render of a car... as it is filmed... at the very same time! WOW Done with Unreal Engine 4 written in C++ guys, watch it and you'll know what to say when you're asked again why to use C++ when Javascript is just as fast (cough-itsnot-idiot-cough).
#cpp #ue4 #realtimerendering

Somebody use CCS compiler?? I want use printf but for debug 

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Hi, I'm trying to run some basic programs in Xcode on my MacBook, but it keeps giving me build failed errors for every program I try (even though there aren't any syntactical errors).

I am getting this error even in the main.cpp program that was created automatically. At first it build and ran just fine, then the second time I ran it, error! This also happens for many other programs that I tried to run on this machine.

clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Any help would be much appreciated🙂
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A fast preprocessor for C and C++ written in #dlang  by Facebook

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I have found a bug in G++. Ok, I should'n call it a bug – it's just strange behaviour of senseless code.

I was writing a program to manipulate images. I wanted easy interface to get pixels values, so I made a struct with union. (bytes order doesn't matter)

All works fine with clang and g++-4.8 and older. G++-4.9 optimizes it too much. When I uncomment first printf, it gives correct answer. This is probably mistake in optimizer (I used -O2) which doesn't look for usage of other union members, in this case: struct inside union. I think this should not occur in more complicated code which is doing anything.

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how do you implement dépendency injection (DI)?
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by constructor
by setter
with framework helper
what is DI?

Hey, guys.
How is going?
Some of my friends are complaining about white space use in C, C++ compilers in this case:
If (condition) { //statements

I am telling them to use else if in the same line, but they are not giving the properly fuck for best practices.

How to explain that is good maintain else and if together ?
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