Okay this is more of a barebone question(linking, low level). When i have A.dll and B.dll, both export a function "Foo". I have program Bar.exe which links against both dlls and imports both functions. How is this solved on the linker level? Are Lib-Files generated which specify different External/Internal names?

In FlatAssembler this is pretty easy. You add each entry to the IData-Section (Import which function, from which dll, as which function). Which allows to map around this. However in the world of linkers like those used in MSVC, nothing works without a lib-file :/

Trying to understand how this works.

I'm working on an embedded system project for STM32L4. I have to use __fp16 type, but Eclipse (Oxygen, with newest GNU MCU Eclipse) keeps highlighting it as error, while GCC (freddiechoppin's bleeding-edge toolchain 6.3.1) has no problems with that.

Is there any way to fake this type, so Eclipse would not mark it as error? It's really annoying.

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Nice quick intro to CMake and why you should use it.

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I can't seem to find why my code is too slow compared to another version i found on the same exercise if maybe someone could explain to me whats faster in either piece of code

Does anyone know how to code kernel mode memory space in C++? I need some basic info about it. hyperlinks are ok.

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please any one explain function and operator overloading??
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