I'd recommend a jump to top near top or bottom instead of the app menu 

The worst 250 INR i spent on a APP. No update at all. 

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Picup - Match your Photos is now live in beta!

Match other people's photos with your own photos and create perfect pictures - all anonymous!


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would it still work even though i have echofon pro?

Have a counters stats eg hourly/daily or even weekly. Not just the al time totals. Set echofon apart from all the other apps

Make the tweet button on top right slightly bigger, not same sise as the other buttons 

Reauthorize account?

Everytime I update echofon on android, i need to reauthorize with Twitter, very annoying

I much prefer being taken to the tweet stream when pressing on the Echofon notification instead of being taken to the one specific tweet.  

last update beta November 4 2013 , no new update ? :( :( :( :(
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