Am i doing something wrong or is this no longer working? AAHHHH!!!!!!
Looking for a nice fun game with lots of dirty and random bllshit :p

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Made a Pretend your Xyzzy Server, here is the server info if ya want to join it, going all card decks and all thirty blank cards.

Hey everyone! My boyfriend and I are building a deck of cards, and I'm going to make them printable, as well as have them added to HAH. Anyone who wants to send me suggestions for cards will get a link to a PDF once the deck is finished. You'll be able to print the cards and play with your friends! I'm going to make the cards easy to tell apart (black/white) without being ink-heavy. Feel free to comment here, or PM me.

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would like to see a way to add decks from as i have some custom decks on their.

Noob question.. How exactly does all this work? I watched KYR SP33DY play it and I heard this is what they used. I'm not exactly sure how to even get the game, how to start it, or whatever else I have to do. Any info would be great appreciated!

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Just thought y'all might like to know about this.
The cards against Humanity guys have called in... each donation of 14.99 will get you a chance to win one of three "all of the CAH" packages AND they will match the donations.

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Hey guys! Cab here once again bringing another video straight off my channel! Some funny moments with my friends playing Cards Against Humanity! Come check it out and if you enjoy it, don't forget to drop a like! Feel free to check out other vids from my channel :) All different types of gameplay for everyone out there! For easier access to see daily content, feel free to sub :) Have a wonderful night/day to everyone :) #comentary  #funnystuff #cardsagainsthumanity #youtube #youtuber #youtubegaming #smallyoutuber

Would anyone like to play a game with me

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Yo, names HuskyGames305, and I'll be livestreaming Cards Against Humanity at 10 PM EST. Feel free to join in on the fun, join the game, hell even join the skype call, all are welcome ^_^.
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