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Hi All

Its been a long time since updates sorry. Here is the latest version

- Change to layout of Chat list and Message Lists. Now uses a built in "add" chat box at the bottom of the screen instead of popup dialog, for more seamless messages.

- modifications to icon design and location

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I use to have the app on Droid but unable to obtain itcan you help please 

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Posting link to google play store again -

Click this to install the app

A couple new updates recently

- testing greater compatibility with tablets. Ie, Google Nexus 7  

- Implemented swirl progress icon in ActionBar to indicate web service processing

- Fix to channel refreshing

Hi guys update to 1.7

- improved performance of app when switching between screens. Will now correctly cancel pending server requests when closing screens

- reduced font size on channel chat list and message list screens

- changed alignment, input box size and text size of add/edit chat message dialog to help with lower resolution screens

- fixed crashing when going between member list of channel and channel preferences.

- fixed channel preference (notification button) which was not populating correctly

Hi Guys, a latest update to 1.6 is now available. There have been quite a few updates including below:

- Fixed bug with photo save location
-Now lists all members associated with channel
-Notifications added for entries added to a channel
-Allow turn on/off notifications within channel preferences
-Improvements to channel refresh
-Swipe to unsubscribe replaced with long press to unsubscribe
-Long press to Edit and Delete added via Context menu for chat posts
-Wiggle animation added to disallow attempts to delete/edit chat posts which are not owned by current user

App has been updated to 1.5 changes are below:

- Lock Send button and fade to prevent double post
- Fixed issues with chat list refresh.
- submit button on chat popup box text now “send"
- can no longer submit a blank message

- Allow image saving and share functionality after long press on large image.
- Allow image zoom either with pinch or double tap to zoom
- Disable messages channel item appearing in main list
- Change text on popup message box button from “add" to “save”

Hi All, Ok Version 1.3 has been uploaded and will be available in next hour or 2. Here is a list of updates:

- Unsubscribe from channel with swipe
- Stop message screens forcefully scrolling to bottom. Messages will now append to the end of list screens without effecting effecting the scroll position
- Copy and Paste is now enabled from chat messages.
- Links are now auto recognised in messages. URL, Email, Phone numbers and Map Addresses. These links will prompt to open with the system preferred application.
- Message popup boxes are now multiline.
- There is now feedback of remaining characters on the Message popup box before cutoff.
- Bug fix - with inserting extra user records into database

- Minor bug fixes

- Implemented Actionbar back button functionality
- Change to design of Subscribe screen
- Improvements to UI of Preferences Screen
- Improvements to UI of Channel Find screen
- Improvements to UI of Add Channel Screen

Please feel free to suggest improvements or report bugs in this community or via the on3x Android Users channel.

I will update tomorrow on the next updates to be done. Notifications is a major one. Along with improvements to channel search, subscribing and better being able to find popular and new channels. Also people have reported issues with clicking images. And profile page and settings needs attention.

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