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still NO laptop Can You help
if 500 people give one dollar each via paypal
why 500
New or used I need a PC or laptop that has at least 4 g of ram and 120 plus memory for image processing so I can continue to create edit and share my art and other peoples art with you

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I decided to do something ironic for Easter this year and got almost NO reaction to this! Do you "get" this? Wondering whether I should keept it to repost next year or delete it?

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I will tithe from the profits but can't donate all proceeds since I have upcoming health costs to cover.
YES #redbubble  has a 20% discount today so a great time to buy a #card   #Xmas   #poem   also avail as print n post

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I get visitors but no buyers! Why!

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Check out my Jesus cares and other designs on

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The people of Nepal experienced a devastating earthquake on Saturday April 25th.

I encourage you to help in any way you can.

You can donate securely toward Nepal relief efforts through Jyoti (Light) Nepal, a verified public charity devoted to the people of Nepal [IRS EIN: 47-3108665].

Here's the link:

"Jyoti Nepal is working with our ministry partners in Nepal to assist in relief efforts. Please consider praying and giving to this effort as the needs are immense. Also consider contacting us about ongoing child sponsorship and partnering with our education, orphanage, and Gospel ministries." 
~ Craig Alsup | Founder of Jyoti Nepal

Donate here:

Please help spread the word... 
When go to the link above, please share the page on your social media accounts through the Social Share buttons on the right side of the page.

Thank you for showing your generosity.

George Fuller 
Founder |

P.S. does not gain monetarily through your donations.
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