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I'm running a one-shot of Velvet Glove next week Saturday the 17th of November, at 20:00/8:00pm UTC+1. I'll be running this over Discord voice chat!

You can either voice your interest below, or ping me in our Discord server:

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We know the imminent G+ shutdown is lingering in the back of all our minds! Before we get sucked into the black hole that can be the holiday season, we would like to gather some intel on where and how our fans would like to transition this community.

Some of you may already use Discord or Reddit, but we know some people find those spaces difficult to navigate. That said, some people want to avoid using Facebook for gaming conversations. While there might not be a perfect space, we’d love a medium in which everyone feels comfortable free to engage, and able to easily reach out to us with questions about gameplay, mechanics, etc.

In addition to options like Discord or Facebook, we’re also considering opening up our own Magpie forums on as we revamp the site over the next couple of months. Please let us know if that option seems of interest to you!

Let the polling commence! And, of course, more detailed feedback in the comments is always welcome :)
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I forgot to share this here! (And I probably should update my pic...)

My Velvet Glove: What The Dormouse Said game is full, but the waitlist is open. I'll be using new play materials for this session, showing off some of the work I've been doing, and a bit of the default setting, Santa Lucia. The game will be on Hangouts on Air, so I'll post the link here after we're done.

And check out +Phillip Neitzel's Ostpunk session as well! I haven't talked to him about it, but girl gangs in East Germany in the 80s sounds really interesting. :)

And keep an eye out! There will be exciting news shared very soon. \m/
Mōrena~! Good morning all! We have so many spectacular guests, we have to ramp up to announcements to two at a time!

We're so very pleased to have both the lovely +Sarah Doombringer and +Mark Diaz Truman as guests this year!

Sarah Richardson is a game designer, layout and graphic artist, writer, and Marketing Director for Magpie Games. She is currently serving as the Resource Coordinator for the Indie Games Developer Network. She is the author of the 70s girl gang RPG Velvet Glove and a co-author of the feminine horror RPG Bluebeard's Bride. Sarah has written for The Complete Oracle, The Baby Bestiary 1 & 2, and Kult: Lost Divinites, and done layout work for Epyllion: A Dragon Epic, No Salvation for Witches, and the Cold Ruins of Last Life.

During Gauntlet Con, Sarah will be running Blood Spattered Brides: Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and Velvet Glove.

Mark Diaz Truman is a community organizer, indie rpg developer, and the co-founder of Magpie Games. He has authored a number of indie rpgs, including Urban Shadows and Do: Fate of the Flying Temple, and he served as an editor on Masks: A New Generation, Epyllion: A Dragon Epic, Bluebeard's Bride, and The Fate Codex. His new game, Cartel, comes out in early 2019.

During Gauntlet Con, Mark will be running Cartel and Zombie World.

For more announcements, be sure to check out the GauntletCon site!
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Oh, I love this so much! Jen fucking Bartel. Damn!

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New inspiration.

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I’m reading Foxfire by Joyce Carol Oates & this stuck out. #rpgresearch


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This also means we won't be approving new members, but we'll tackle that when we get back!
Happy Holidays!

The Magpie offices will be closed starting Dec 15th through January 8th.

Make sure to get all your orders in before Dec 18th, as we’ll be out of the office during the holidays. Any orders that come in after December 18th will only be processed once we come back on January 8th of 2018.

Send in any questions you have for us, but we will only be returning emails after the 8th.

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Check out this Actual Play of Velvet Glove! They're up to 3 parts. :D

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Oh, fuck yes. (h/t to +Megan Pedersen for sharing over on the fb)

Just a note - we've turned all our communities to Ask to Join, as there has been a flood of spam and bots. Don't worry - we still want you!

Accounts without a profile pic are automatically rejected, but if you're a real person who likes RPGs - you should be fine. And just let us know if you have any problems.
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