Hey I currently started a levels cie physics
Anyone know any good sites that could help me?
Thanks in advance

hello , can anyone help me with 9702/52/mj/13 q1

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Practical work in A2 physics is all about dealing with non-linear data. Most of the time this is taught alongside the SHM topic or when studying radioactivity but the techniques can be applied to a huge range of experiments. Here's an example of a fun little experiment that involves bouncing a marble onto a desktop.


You hold two A 4 papers with both hands and then blow into the gap between them. What is more likely to happen?

1) They go outwards

2) They go inwards

3) It depends on how hard you blow

4) One of any of the above

Why thunderbolts prefer coconut trees to any other tree in the tropical countries?

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Hi All,

I made a fully comprehensive tutorial for electricity at AS / A-Level with lots of worked examples, animations and interactive tools. It is currently at the top of Google search. Please read, learn and enjoy.

Every feasible step is taken to make it compatible with AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards.

Please let me know any additions that you love to see.


Got some Electric and Magnetic Fields questions:

1) 'A charge of +5 and a charge of +3 are separated by a distance of 100mm. A small negative charge is placed at some point between them where the resultant force on the negative charge is zero. Find the position of this point'. 

2)'r=3.0x10^-14 m
Gold nucleus to Alpha particle (the radius is the point at which the alpha particle comes to rest when fired at the gold nucleus).

State the energy chances that take place during the alpha particle's interaction with the gold nucleus

Calculate the initial kinetic energy'

3)And I also have a diagram of a square (sides all 2a in length) with a charge +Q in the middle where I need to find the resultant electric field strength at the central point.

Can anyone help?

Does anyone have any tips for remembering all the equations that aren't on the data sheets? I have a feeling that it would be useful to know them all. 

My Physics teacher is off tomorrow on a trip with his year 13 students to Alton Towers. Can't wait to go myself next year!

The universe is strange and strangeness is conserved.
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