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Here's my villain in his golden form he will have clothes and hair when he transforms back

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Villain name : the Dark Lord
Human name: (not really human but it doesn't matter) Dark Endo

Bio: hehe… I'm the god of elements (but I prefer the dark form). I am the third most powerful god so don't make me angry or you'll die. I have many personalities and I'm really crazy…

Powers: elements control and can summon dark beasts or other monsters. I also have many weapons, armor and I can turn into many other forms (must fav is the dark one)

Weak point: the elements… (bcuz if I am in the fire form my weak point is the water element for example)

Human name: Gabe Prentiss

Villain name: golden freak

Bio: i fell into melted gold and was left in there for days then i rose out with golden powers

Powers: bullet proof skin able to turn into golden form and back to normal can turn anything into gold can use mind to pick up things i turn to gold only and can control his powers

Weakness: EXTREMELY HIGH TEMPERATURES will melt away is golden form tempurlary

Gnehehe… hi…

what do i do here

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I was watching a building burn that was co used by her
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