I'm interested in role playing with a submissive and descriptive female. I am a very dominant male, I can get very descriptive also. I like to be rough and I like females that are adventurous, and mentally strong. I do not have a starter, we will make one or you can suggest some you already have that I am also interested in.
6+ lines please
I use hangouts
No gender bending, no futa.
Females only

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We were both part of the same tribe. I am an elder priest the older I was the more symbols appeared all over my body. I looked good for my age and I aged well. I was also the protector of our tribes most greatest shrine. You were one of the commoners that usually prayed at the shrine for luck. You were unusually unlucky you were quite gullible as well. Some of the other commoners and some of my fellow priest would try to take advantage of you but I would always protect you. You were one of our tribe’s beauty’s at such a young age you were developing into a nice young woman. I slowly started developing inappropriate thoughts about you the more you visit the shrine and the more we spend time together. Surprisingly you were a virgin which shocked a lot of people in our tribe. I supported your decision to save yourself and I encouraged it. You seemed upset with me for encouraging it for some reason. Today was like any other day I was sitting in a throne like chair near the shrine when you came up to me and you...
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I'm in the mood for an rp. I do not have a story already so please have one ready. I'm very descriptive, dominant. I like adventure type ones but im down for ALMOST anything tonight. I'm available to ladies only. I use hangouts.

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The full moon was out, after 500years of sleeping it's the night ! The night were Mina TEPES, little sister of the first vampire Vlad TEPES, slowly get up from her grave.There's years, decades, that she ear the battles between humans and vampires. More powerful of all the vampires, she knows all the secrets of her race. Her brother turn her into a vampire when she was 14, so she must look like a teen most of the time but she's much more older. Alone, naked in the cemetery, she crave for some blood, her belly hurting. Using her last power, her young body quickly grow. With her beautiful blonds hairs falling under her kidneys. Her breast infate, her curves get rounders.An old cemetery worker on a bench see her and get up asking
Miss, who are y.. ?
Discovering her gorgeous naked body, he lost his words.
M..Ma... May i help you ?!
Her arms entangling firmly the old man's body against her, rising her leg on his side, she says
You can ...
Opening her mouth, her long fangs pierce his jugular deeply, leaving the blood flowing in her mouth. Drinking like it's the last time, she finally let the dead body fall on the bench. His hot blood running in Mina's body and a bit on her chin. She feel much more better and steal his clothes to cover her nudity. Despite her, she came back to her teen form. Ready to prove to anyone that she's the Vampires Queen...
Koga, stay caution !
Months after she woke up, Mina has found Koga, a wolf-man which is intended for her. Koga was a bad boy without any goal until he met the Princess andbfell in love instantly. Now he only live to protect her. Turning into a terrific werewolf when it's needed to beat an opponent. Actually, he's killing two humans who try to kill you, massacrating the bodies savagely. Mina came near him and pet his hair.
Quiet my koga, they're dead !
Koga smell the princess scent and stop. He jump in her open arms, spreading blood everywhere on her clothes. And cover her of kisses.
I know, i know i love you too, koga !


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Nana is a cute but stubborn girl.Last student of their school, she always have very bad grades and don't want to study.The director only agrees to keep her to serves as a bad example to other students.Everyday, she's abused, bullied by her class but she doesn't care. Orphan, the only thing that matters for her is to please Yagami, one of the boys of his class.This one has never really noticed her, despite her beauty, her cute blue eyes, hair. One monday, as she runs to escape mocking students, Nana violently hit Yagami and fall on the ground.
You can't look where I go, pitcher !?!
Red of shame, she apologizes to yagami that she's ready to do anything he want to be forgiven.
 All i want, huh ?
Catching her hand, he drag her in their class direction, saying
We'll see that, Nana !


Horny and wanna cum

Who deleted my rp

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You're a witch who has been thinking about trying new spells. But you didn't wanna be testing on yourself. You put out a flyer asking for test subjects. It said that we might be there for the rest of our lives. I shrugged and went to the address, ripping off the flyer. I knocked on your door. When you opened it, I held out the flyer. "I wanna be your test subject!" You smiled and looked at me. "Come on in~ You'll be here forever~" I smiled and walked in. "Thank you! And okay." You locked the door and smiled. "So what are you don't in life?" You asked. I smiled. "I just got out of high school. I was a cheerleader for all four years!" You smirked. "Must've been popular with the boys." I replied smiling. "Yup! I've had sex once. But he had to move away because of his mother's job." You patted my back. "I'm sorry." You snapped your fingers. My cheerleader outfit was on me. The clothes I was wearing are gone. I blush and smile. "Wow! My uniform! I love this thing!" I smiled wide. "What's your name?" You asked. I smiled and did some cheerleading. "J! - U! - N! - E! I'm June!" I smiled and stopped. "Nice to meet you June! And you look lovely in that uniform!" I smiled and blushed. "Thank you! Wait, I feel no underwear on me! Or bra!" I blush more. You smirked and said a cluster of words. Two zombies appeared. One pulled my skirt off. The other raised my top up to let my breasts free. They were rock hard. One walked in front of me. The other stayed behind me. I looked at you with wide eyes. "W-what is...?" I'm blushing very hard. You smiled and said to me....
(Kind, rough, and kinky female wanted. You are in the second picture)
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can i ask how threesomes here work?
i can do m×f×m, m×f×f, or pure fem. i'll be the bottom pls... but may i ask if it's separate people rping or someone plays two? pls pp me for threesome, gangbang, or between you and me! i'm new!

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I looked at you as you pulled out of my mouth. I gagged and began breathing heavily as it was my first time doing any of this. "Sissy! I could barely breathe..." You looked down at me. "Well Dan, that's okay. And I'm sorry. Plus, since you live with me and my friends, you gotta learn to take dick." You smiled and hugged me after standing me up. "I didn't know you were all futa's." You giggled and smiled. "Oh Dan. You know now. All seven of us are futa. You'll be taking dick from all of us. Maybe one at a time, maybe in a group. But you still gotta learn to take it. I know you're good with your hands. You're a boy, so I know you've been jerking off." I blushed harder as you said that. "Bend over." I looked at you. "W-what?" I asked again. "Bend over..." You looked at me. I slowly bent over, and you smirked. "Now, get ready for anal baby brother~ Once you take this, you'll be able to please us all~" I nodded and gripped the bedpost. You went in me slowly. I screamed as you did. You pushed in all the way. "See, not that bad." You smirked. "I-It hurts so much sissy!" I looked back at you with tears in my eyes because of the pain. You then....
(Kind, caring, sexual, very dominant, rough, and kinky female wanted. You will be playing as your friends too. You get to name them, and if you want, can send pics in the pp of what they look like. This is long term. Cheating, molesting, rape, and/or suicide is not allowed)
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