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It was 40 days of drifting in space, deep inside a dead fortress, before I came here. We were on our way as backup for the war efforts against the planet terrors before being intercepted by an unknown pattern of light. Everyones either dead or turned. Time has folded on its back. I'm seeing castles of old fused with metal ships in an ugly display of raw nature at work. I feel a presence here. Other then the undead coming to get me. It's like a shiver in the ground
A Quake

((Violent Lovecraftian horror, open for anyone))

Anyone still active

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theme song: depends on her mood: riding freely "black sheep", remorseful at night "blue lips', destination urgentcy riding "spiderbaits; ghost rider", boastful "hail to the king", PISSED and captured the one who made her pissed "get ready to die", or when she's feeling grand or just happy "Scarf! - Odyssey (Plazmatek Radio Mix)"

quint van hems(if you're smart about words, you'll know)her nickname's victoria

leader of the beno-horsemen

age: she doesn't know

height: 5'6

weight: NEVER ask

forms: right: usual form, left: origin(triggered by intense emotions ), and end(see above)

WOC: she uses a long range rifle with a range of 1500 yards without scope, and last resort short spear

ride: she rides a custom motorcycle (im purposely leaving the type unspecific) 

bio: she's varry good at convincing people to do things. she strips down to her underwear when she sleeps in motels that are still working, but usually wears a leather motorcycle suit and helmet with a flaming crown design.not much is known about her past.

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quint van hems ending for(somthing just "clicks" inside her when this happens)

a memetic effect of fealty towards her is activated, her accuracy and  with anything and strength increases 150% each second in this form, allowing for her to throw her spear at someone over 8000 yards away, piercing through them.

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It appears my reaper form got an upgrade...

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Eevee: this well be anyone who thinks they can mess with me and my friends

Mawile: yep that's right

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Theme song: Above the law-bad meets evil

Dying is so unfortunate that's why I don't give a shit the poor stay poor the rich get richer is just so disproportionate you don't know just what I go through that's why I would rather show you just how far I can take it every rule I'm braking it.

Name: Death/grim

Gender: male

Age: unknown

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 210

Forms: reaper(2), comba(1)t, human( last)

Car: silver ford mustang boss 429 with twin turbo.

Appearance: pic

Bio: I was born out of despair and darkness. I was raised to be an angel that most people feared more than any other. I am death. That is who I am, and what I am. I was told that I would be awakened for a great tragedy. Each time a large number of people died, I was there, the Black plague, Small poxes, titanic, 9/11. All of these mass deaths have been preparing me for one thing. The end. And it's here.
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Name:Eevee Kenway

 Pokemon: Eevee

Level:  99

Age: 23

Gender: male

Type: normal

interest: straight

Moves: iron tail, swift, detect, and hyper voice

Mate: Fidget

Son: Nathan

Daughter: Rose

Brother: Umbreon

Sister: Glaceon

Personality: Kind,loyal,brave, happy when meeting new pokemon,Fun,Funny and sometimes random

Likes: meeting new people, Glaceon Umbreon sylveon Flareon Leafeon Espeon cookies and berries

Dislikes: food disturbance when his friends are not happy Vaporeon the new monarchy plane oatmeal raisin cookies and a Eevee moment

Item: a mysterious orb that makes him transform into a eeveeon

Bio: go watch Eevee and friends to get half of the story 2 days after that I leveled up and was about to evolve waiting for some reason it just stopped after figuring out what happened we found a hidden room in Vaporeons room in there was information information about Eevee a Snivy a Osnawott a Axew and a mysterious Pokemon that even Espeon didn't know there was even more information about Umbreon, Flareon and Glaceon being captured by Leafeon Jolteon with weird looking tails it even showed a picture of sylveon looking over Eevee sleeping a few weeks have passed and everybody started to get suspicious about Vaporeon later that night a strange group of Pokemon arrived which were the ones that's the secret room we're talking about after they left everything went into chaos as......... You know what I think I'm making this a little too long I'm just about to cut it short Vaporeon turned out to be evil trying to turn all the Eeveelution and Eevee into Vaporeon hybrids but luckily the other group of Pokemon came back and was able to save Eevee Umbreon and Glaceon they were able to escape by falling off a cliff and after then evening soon discovered that he was part of a pre incarnation of another Eevee and so were all the other Pokemon there he was able to figure out he had mysterious powers and stats that made him seem like he evolved he's developed a new attitude and personality but still knows somewhere out there he's going to have to run into his old friends again and when he does he will have no idea on how to react. and after about a month he got cursed by a nine tails but he maid it worse by pulling off not one but all nine of them this put a very evil being in him that is called kerima and slowly trying to take over his body he doesn't want it out because it will mack him week again....and if hes fur goes black and red its kerima so look out
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(i'll be conquest)
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