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I finished Doppler Time Attack level Four with 3 stars! Can you? #DopplerGame +My Go Studio

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We've uploaded a new version to Google Play, it'll probably take a few hours to appear. Here's the latest teaser!

Any good reason I don't get the download link to work?

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More screenshots from the latest build
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The Line is now Doppler! A new version of the test release is winging its way to you now with:

- New Name
- Better UI
- Improved line handling
- Improved life system
- various fixes

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Our first trailer! 

The charge mechanic definitely needs some explaining in game but we've left it out for now to see what can be picked up by new players just by playing. Here's a description in case it's too unclear:

The horizontal line in the background represents your charge, when this reaches the bottom of the screen you lose.

Charge is lost by hitting the line, letting go, and not being close enough to the line (shown by the line between your fingers turning red or disappearing completely).

You can regain charge by staying close to the line. This first charges up the little bar in the top right; when that is full, you start gaining charge.

Any thoughts on this?

So, we've had some initial feedback already and two things have come up; the game is very hard and the recharge mechanic is unclear.

The game is intentionally difficult but we want to find that perfect balance where it feels like you'll get better and you want to keep going until you do! Something like Super Hexagon where the first goes will see you only reach a few seconds, but practice will let you play for a few minutes. We'd love to hear thoughts on whether the game gets that or not.

We'll write a separate post about the charging mechanic in a little while!

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Please help us choose a name for the game! Add your +1 to one or more of the options in the comments!
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There is now a little bit more information about the game on our website!
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