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My Little Pony,
My Little Pony, (this is not a song BTW)
This community was about ponies,
A place where we can escape the horids of reality,
But now this place is silent,
A ghost town,
In which is left are only the sweet memories of joy,

My Little Pony,
Why must it end?
Why must it stop?
Why has time got to interfere?
We want to play,
We want to smile once more
We want to imagine our pony selves enjoy the adventures set together.

Bow to the moon
Bow to the sun?
It was our choice and yet
We have somehow bowed to time,
And love
But can't our love be about something else this time?

Oh my dear fillies... Oh my dear colts...
Don't leave just yet,
We know time is bugging us from this
But wouldn't you rather feel like a filly once more?
Just once or twice
It wouldn't hurt for one last time
So let's play once more
While we still feel like our hearts still soar

-Dayang Nurmalyana / Serenity Longtail
Title: RP My Fillies

This Community has Faded Away and Classified Itself As Obsolete.

Is this community dead and gone?

Is it just me but-
Is +Champion The Hero and I are the only ones who are posting here?
Ps: I wanna be a Mod tho ^.^

Is this Community still alive?

Champion is walking around Ponyville when he sees.....(Open)

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Hello everypony. My name is 'Princess' Lunaria Eclipse, but you may call me Dubstep or Lunar. My sister is Solaria Eclipse or +Serenity Longtail
I am 13 years old. More powerful than HER...

Our parents died from the Cloudsdale, Sombra War thing... So we got separated, Princess Celestia with her foolishness didn't follow the prophecy and chose my cousin, +Khee Shean Seow or Evie Moon over me. I was manipulated by an organization and got abandoned in an icy region because I wasn't following their instructions... So, a foster care took care of me before I got adopted by two rich ponies that owned a business and you know what's next.

Well, You don't need to 'Approve' me. I'm already part of the community. Thank you for listening dear friends. Goodbye

(I hope this community isn't dead...)
You see me staring off a cliff

Champion is walking around town enjoying his afternoon and then he hears.....(Open)

"Ahhh! It's nice visiting here... Without an attack............."
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