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My AWESOME commute in Jackson Hole, Wy from my 5th wheel to the ski slopes - need I say more?

Ok... spectacular, incredible, inspiring...

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News! I'm going to be on @mojo50 IN LESS THAN AN HOUR at about 11am Eastern Time. We're going to be talking RV'ing & RV Across America (.net) #BuildingAmericaMarathon #mojo50 #rvacrossamerica

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Saw this Beauty in Nashville
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Preparing for winter in a RV in EXTREME cold - a "how to" with insights & advice...

It's about 10F outside as we speak - its after 10am and its only mid-November! What have I got myself into?! After 7 years, I have some idea!

Why do this? Enjoyment of winter! Skiing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and much more!

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Mid-Autumn in Grand Teton National Park - my how things change...
Spectacular views of Grand Teton National Park -

and some unique insights as I visited the park

twice in the past few days.

Its nice living next to Jackson which is literally

less than a 1/2 hour from Grand Teton National

Park! And... travel during this "off season" is

unique as the summer crowds are gone and the

winter enthusiasts have not yet arrived.

I got some great video & inspiring photos here...

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Settling in for the Winter - in my Camper - IN the mountains...

It's about 6am and the temperature outside is 5F.
Thanksgiving is still about 2 weeks away. It looks
like the first sub-zero morning will occur early
next week.

Am I crazy? Nope. Not at all. I'm taking all the
necessary steps to prep for winter. I'm near
Jackson, Wyoming and looking forward to a winter
with tons of skiing and time outdoors.

There's already some snow on the ground - enough
to go cross country skiing yesterday before my
pre-season meetings at the mountain.

I arrived on Nov. 3 after a marathon drive across

Join me here as I drive across Idaho (inspiring
and informative video) along with some additional
thoughts on my camper repairs in Oregon...

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News! I just created a RV Across America PAGE on MeWe. Just like on FB, "pages" and "groups" are two different beasts. Here's the link - Let me know what you think.
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